How to Use Good Technique in Dissertation Formatting

Dissertation formatting very important part of dissertation writing because unless the students format their papers the right way using the best techniques they cannot look forward to success in class. Teachers assign dissertation writing task along with specific instructions for formatting because they want the students to work on a given pattern and format so that they can get a good idea of how well students they have worked and if they have been able to put all their skills to use.

Thus, it is a necessity for students to use good techniques in dissertation format in so that their ability to present the most top quality in the custom paper to the teachers that help them succeed in class. Here are a few dissertation formatting tips and tricks so that students can use the best techniques for their papers and impress the teachers with their good work.


Margins – Setting the margins is very important because the paper should be in a proper reading mode to look good to the eyes. The better it will look, the more readable it will be.  it is also necessary to insert a two-inch top margin for the first page of the chapter or major section as this marks the beginning of the main idea.


When beginning a new chapter or bibliography, abstract, vita, etc. , it is important that you insert a hard page break. This is essential for giving a top margin and will not affect the formatting of the overall paper.


Page Numbers – Inserting page numbers is a key part of the dissertation formatting process and it must be done most carefully so that you do not face problems while printing the paper or while binding it.


Page numbers also give readers a good idea when they need to keep a track of what section they are reading and need a break. Overall, page numbers add more neatness and coherence to your document, giving it a professional look. You can add page numbers at the top or the bottom of the page, depending on the formatting instructions by the teacher.


Font size and style – It is important to understand the size and style of font and how it can affect your dissertation readability. Avoid choosing any other fonts than specified by the teacher as it will only affect your grades and the teachers might also ask you to change the font which might become a long and hectic process. If the teacher has not specified by fonts, it is best to go for simple and clear fonts that enhance readability and make it easy for readers to enjoy the paper without thinking about what you have written.


In addition to this, you must also know which formatting style to use for citation such as APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian or any other that has been specified by the teacher as it can have a big effect on your paper and grades. Writing a dissertation is not only about research or writing but the formatting is also a key part of it and must be done using the best techniques for the desired outcome.