Youngsters’ Consciousness And Struggle About Body Image

Struggle About Body Image

Nowadays, youngsters are incredibly consciousness about their body image. Positive body image affects our moods and it is the symptom of a happy life, but the negative body image is not excellent for human life. However, teenagers are exceedingly consciousness about their body image. Here, the professional writers of cheap assignment writing services will discuss the youngsters ’consciousness and struggle about their body image.

A lot of youngsters are struggling to get the perfect body image. It is widely accepted that the youngsters consciousness and struggle about their body image are due to the use of social media. In reality, social media is an especially prominent platform and it has changed the way of our living. The function of selfies cannot be denied, because, 89% of people are making their selfies. The young people compare their body image with renowned celebrities, because, the celebrities have perfect body image.

A person feels satisfaction and comfortable with a good looking body image. As a result, young girls are adopting basic exercise and diet in order to stay smart and good looking. The young boy also found good looking; therefore, they adopt different exercises in order to look tall and healthy.  However, over-diet has a much negative effect on the immune system of young people. The perfect body image is the foundation of good physical and mental health.  The good body image is perfect for children, because, a child will be confidential with good body image and it is a good sign for their future. However, a lot of use of social media should be stopped, because, it can ruin the lives of young people.

Nowadays, girls and women are also facing the issue of bad body image. Young girls do not want over-weight; therefore, they choose different exercise in order to look thinner. The consciousness about body image is scrutiny due to the exploit of social media. According to modern research, body images play an important function in the lives of young people. However, the impact of social media is the cause of lack of confidence in young people.  It has many negative impacts on the educational institute. The consciousness about perfect body image is all about human pressure.

According to health science, the consciousness of young people about their body image is extremely surprising, because, 99% of young people are struggling to get a good body image. However, this trend should be stopped by the government. The high trend of good body image can wreck the lives of youngsters. The conscious of good body image is all about having a perfect figure. The young people are not worried about their good body image, in fact, middle-aged people are also worried about their over-weight and imperfect body image, and therefore, they are also adopting different diets and taking parts in the exercise. The exercise is a good function, because, it plays an important function to keep the perfect human body. The best point is that the trend of exercise should be adopted from school levels.