Increase in Prices of.Com Domains Annually – What’s Next?

Increase in Prices of.Com Domains Annually

Nowadays, there are few monopolies that are controlling the internet and the neutrality of the net has been repealed. The prices of .com and .org domains are skyrocketing and it is difficult for the web owners to run their online businesses. Domain names are known as the addresses for the websites and by typing these domain names, visitors are able to get access to the information on your website. Told by a dissertation writing service UK, ICANN is the governing body in the field of domain names and ICANN has provided authority to the monopolies to charge from the people what they want.

Internet Monopolies

In order to get rid of the monopolies, the US government formed ICANN in 1998. In the early 1990s, these domain names were available in $100 per registration. After the bold measures of ICANN, the prices of the domain were decreased and these domains were available to the people at the whole rate price of $6 per domain. Nowadays, almost 350 millions domain names are registered. Among these 350 million registered domain names, there are almost 150 million .com domain names. There is no control over the prices of these domain names and the prices of these domain names are increasing day by day. That’s why it is difficult for the businessmen to run their online businesses.

What’s Next?

Research by a cheap dissertation writing service shows that after the expiration of the contract with its registry, nowadays, ICANN has decided to lift the installed price caps over the registration of the domains. According to the new deal of the PIR with the ICANN, they can charge any amount from the customers at the time of the registration. When this proposal was prepared by ICANN, they have received more than 3,500 comments. Among these 3,500 comments, 98 per cent of the people have said that they should not lift the price caps over the registry of the domain names. Anyhow, this decision has been taken. After this decision, it is the desire of the domain registering companies to charge any amount from the people according to their will. Moreover, they are also increasing prices of the .com domains on an annual basis. These kinds of things are creating lots of budgetary uncertainty problems and most of the people are not able to afford these annual expenses of the domains. As a result, their domains will be expired and other people can easily buy these domains. After buying these domains, there is a possibility that they are involved in spam or phishing activities on the internet. As a result, they can create lots of problems for internet users. Its reason is that visitors will try to visit these websites for getting their required information on the basis of their past experience and as a result, they will become easy victims of these hackers. In other words, we can say that this act of the domain registering companies can change the entire web. With the increase of prices of the .com domains, there are three choices for the web registries. These three choices are explained below;

  • They should buy a new domain every at the lower prices and expend all of its resources on it. No doubt, it is difficult because after changing the domain name, all the SEO of his website will be lost.
  • They should pay the higher prices of the domains.
  • They should renew the domains for at least ten years because each year they have to face new prices of the .com domains.

If ICANN wants to save the world of internet from the web neutrality, it is necessary for it to take some strict actions as most of custom dissertation writing services have suggested. While taking some strict actions, they should fix the prices of these domains for at least ten years. When people come to know that the prices of their domains are fixed for the ten years, it will be easy for them to work on the success of their websites.

Along with this annual increase in the prices of the .com domains, some big companies have to face some other issues. Its reason is that these domain registries have asked that these are premium domains and if they want to renew these domains, they have to pay higher prices. It means that instead of a fixed increase in the prices of the .com domains annually, these domains have to pay millions of dollars for the renewal of the domains for the next year. ICANN should also take strict actions against these types of acts of the domain registries and they should also try to fix prices of these premium domains in order to provide a platform for the owners of the website to invest on their online businesses.