Top Mistakes That Most of the Students Make in Geography Dissertations

Geography Dissertations

In Geography, we have to explore different places and relationships between different people and environments. Geographers divide the Geography into two sections. The first section is known as physical geography. In physical geography, we have to study the earth. Second is known as human geography. In human geography, we have to study about networks and cultures of people on the earth. While writing the geography dissertation, students make lots of mistakes. Due to these mistakes in the geography dissertation, they can’t get the best grades. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the mistakes that you should avoid in the geography dissertation.

They Choose The Wrong Topic:

The formula to select the best topic idea for your geography dissertation is that it should be interesting to you and your readers. Some students select such a topic which is interesting for them but not for readers. As a result, they can’t get the attention of the readers. On the other hand, some students select such topic idea which is interesting for the readers but not for them. As a result, they can’t maintain attention to the dissertation writing task.

They Don’t Do Enough Research:

To write the geography dissertation, you will have to follow lots of steps. Among these steps, the most important one is to conduct effective research. Effective research will be helpful to you to ensure the rich trove of ideas. This rich trove of ideas allows you to ensure the flow of creative juices in your dissertation. The effective research will also be helpful to you to find supporting evidence to back up your arguments. Due to the lack of research, they can’t find creative ideas to add in their dissertations. When their arguments don’t back up with adequate resources, this thing decreases the quality of the dissertation. You just need to read plenty of resources in your subject area. If you do enough research, you can also lessen the appearance of bias in your dissertation. This is also the best way to increase the credibility of your dissertation.

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Irrelevant Or Tangential Material:

No doubt, a geography dissertation is a prolonged document and you will have to spend lots of hours to complete it. Some students don’t conduct effective research and they try to fill out the chapters with irrelevant content or material. The irrelevant material or content distracts the attention of the readers from the main theme of the topic. As a result, readers will never read the complete dissertation. To avoid this kind of mistake, students should try to create the content by focusing on the centred analysis query. If you feel that specific data is not vital for your dissertation, you should leave it.

Unbalanced Chapter Size:

The prolonged document of geography dissertation is divided into different chapters. While creating the content for your dissertation, you will have to keep a balance between these chapters. Some students don’t read instructions about the structure and format of the dissertation. As a result, it will be impossible for them to keep a balance between different chapters of the dissertation. To create a balance between different chapters of the dissertation, students should know that the lengths of the dissertation, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion and conclusion are 10%, 30%, 15%, 5%, 30% And 10% Respectively.

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They Revise the Geography Dissertation from Inexperienced Readers and Editors:

The success of the dissertation doesn’t depend only on you. To get success in the dissertation writing task, you will have to get help from the readers, advisors and editors. These readers, advisors and editors take an overview of the content of your dissertation. They also assist you in how to improve the quality of your dissertation. Some people revise the dissertation from the inexperienced readers and editors. As a result, they can’t get a real idea about the quality of the dissertation. Therefore, students should try to get help from experienced readers and editors.

Committing Plagiarism:

As we have discussed earlier that a dissertation is a prolonged piece of writing. While creating content for this prolonged piece of writing, it is also difficult for the students to ensure creativity and uniqueness of the content. That’s why plagiarism is a common problem in the dissertations. Due to plagiarism issues, your geography dissertation will be rejected. Before submitting the geography dissertation, you should make sure that it is free from the plagiarism issues. For this reason, you should organize the writing process. You should also try to provide references to all the resources. After completing the dissertation, you should check plagiarism issues by using plagiarism checker tools.