What Is MBTI? How Can You Use MBTI Test To Discover Your Hidden Personality Traits? 

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People get personality test so that they can know about their insight abilities. The humans love to find hidden objects in the world as well as about personalities. Hence, they invented MBTI and many other tests to evaluate their hidden personality traits. Among many types of personality traits tests Meyers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most popular one. Including MBTI, all personality tests categorise people into different groups based on their traits.

  1. It helps to identify whether you are an introvert or extrovert.
  2. It identifies whether a person is an adventure lover or has calm nature.
  3. Many American businessmen use a Personality test to check the working abilities of an employee.
  4. Many people opt for this test to know their insight potentials.


Meyers- Briggs Type Indication (MBTI)

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indication (MBTI) is a self-assessment test. It tells people about hidden personality traits. Broadly, we performed this test to gain the following things;

  1. Relationship-building
  2. Attaining Excellence
  3. Adopting positivism


A brief background of MBTI

Katherine Briggs is the person who discovered MBTI for the first time. Katherine Briggs developed MBTI by considering Carl Jung’s typological theory. According to this theory, there are four major psychological perspectives that psychologists use to see the world.

  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Thinking
  • Sensation

So, all human personalities rely on any of the above perspectives. Hence, MBTI categorised people based on the following aspects;

  • Needs
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Motivation

Typological theory checks these perspectives by using clinical evaluation. Based on this theory, MBTI is also quite complicated. It divides people into four groups after seeing their comfort level.

MBTI’s four major categories


You may or may not be feeling comfortable in people dealing with; You may or may not be feeling comfortable in people dealing with; You may or may not be feeling comfortable in people dealing with;


Are you living a balanced life;


·         People

·         Things

·         Information

·         ideas

·         Facts

·         Reality

·         Potential

·         Possibilities


·         Logic

·         Relation

·         Value

·         Truth


·         Life going with the flow

·         Good perception about happening



Introvert Vs Extroverts

Hence, in this theory, the psychiatrist uses your perception to determine your personality types. Using this test, you may be declared introverts; who like abstract ideas or information based relations with others. On the other, you will be declared extroverts; who love hangouts with friends.

Intuitive traits/ Sensing traits

Suppose you like to deal with the fact or information with an idea to sense other’s objectives. Or still, if you aim to explore the unknown facts, you will surely be categorised into the intuitive kind of person. If not, then you will lie in the sensing category.


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Thinking/ feeling

The third section deal with facts to explore how you make decisions. The two ways of making a decision are as follows;

  1. Think in all directions before making a decision
  2. Take a decision based on the gut feelings

Judging/ perceiving

The CEO of assignment help firm said that the fourth and last point is to judge how you plan your lifestyle. Still, they judge life management by using two approaches;

  1. Are you living a well-organised life with a proper schedule for everything?
  2. Are you living a haphazard lifestyle with no regularity in events?

After completing all four above mentioned steps, the last step of the MBTI test is to find the code. Decode your MBTI personality type test code to know what kind of personality do you have?


How to discover the hidden personality trait using the MBTI personality test?

People often get confused in performing MBTI tests to find their hidden personality traits. Here, this article will give you a comprehensive guide to perform MBTI and decode your trait;

  1. You can reach the online questionnaires to create a self-inventory report.
  2. Based on the answers you gave at the online questionnaires, MBTI identified people by using a list of 16 personality types. MBTI never aims to produce hierarchy; its sole purpose is to tell persons about their personality strengths and weakness. So, while using this test, remember no personality type is superior to the other.
  3. After examining your answers, the MBTI judge each one from above mentioned four perspectives. Like;
  • Introvert (I) and Extrovert (E)
  • Sensing (S) and Intuition (I)
  • Thinking (T) and Feeling (F)
  • Judging (J) and Perceiving (P)
  1. Hence, after evaluating each question, MBTI will provide you with a four-digit code to specify your personality trait. You can try it to get an idea about your personality traits. Table one gives the meaning of each of the sixteen personality trait codes. You can consider this or any other online guide to understand what these codes tell about your personality.

Table 1: Personality codes in MBTI



ISTJ (inspector)


ESTP (persuader)



INFJ (advocate)



ENFP (champion)




ISTP (crafter)


ESTJ (director)




INFP (mediator)



ENFJ (giver)




ISFJ (protector)

ESFP (performer)  

INTJ (architect)


ENTP (Debater)


ISFP (artist)


ESFJ (caregiver)


INTP (thinker)

ENTJ (Commander)


So, if you want to develop a deep understanding of your hidden talent, then MBTI will be the best option. As the easy to use and immediate results giving features make it the most popular personality test ever.

According to the law essay writing services firm, among the list of many other personality assessment tests, the MBTI has become popular due to many reasons.  A few of them are as follows;

  1. MBTI test is not like other tests. There are no criteria to declare the answer wrong and right in MBTI online portal. You will not get marks like online IQ tests, or other instruments provide. It is a self-assessment method that will help you take a tour of your personality traits.
  2. Still, this method does not aim to evaluate mental health. It will just tell you about who you are.
  3. In another type of psychological test, the software compares your answers with the pre-determined norms. But, MBTI never does anything like that.
  4. Unlike other instruments, it does not aim to develop a competition between people of different traits. In other words, it does not mean to enhance completion of survival based on personality traits among people. It provides a chance to understand your strengths and weaknesses to choose a career according to your capabilities.