The Goodwood Revival – The Cars and Clothes of the 1950s

The annual Goodwood Revival is a three-day motorsport event held over the September long weekend at Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex, England. The highlight of the event is the atmosphere created by guests and spectators, เว็บตรงสล็อต many dressed in period costumes, and the cars and races on display. A well-dressed crowd gathers to watch racing suits classic car and bicycle races from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, as well as beautiful aerial views of World War II aircraft.

Over the years, as the festival has grown in popularity, the venue’s attendees have been dressed in vintage clothing. Getting into the holiday spirit, guests helped create a unique show. Where else (except on a busy film set!) can you see men in RAF uniforms and women in WRENs, or spies, regimes, rockers and hippies walking past a woman in a beautiful Dior dress. Vogue 1954?

1950s clothing was particularly popular as it was the height of Goodwood motoring. 

Staff technicians wear white shirts and dresses, ทดลองเล่นสล็อต and tartan rugs in suits and fedoras picnic with their wives or girlfriends. A group of actors do scenes from BBC Dad’s Army, while some young women in short-sleeved glam-taxi uniforms stand in front of vintage taxis.

As you tour the site, you can expect to see many familiar faces such as Laurel, Hardy and Marilyn Monroe, while the stars of the racing circuit reminisce about their time at one of the many races. Celebrities from the worlds of show business and music have been known to participate in the revival. Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd), Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), Rowan Atkinson (TV and movies) all make frequent appearances.

Each of the three days features a different class of cars on the circuit and brings back decades of car racing. The public can sit on the grassy fields around the track or in one of the several stands set up at key points around the perimeter. Organizers limit the number of tickets sold each year to maintain a large audience. From NAAFI-style food to a champagne and oyster bar, there’s a wide variety of food. Drinkers and diners can enjoy jazz, rock and roll bands.

The Goodwood Motor Circuit flourished from 1948 to 1966 and was one of the most exciting races of the era. Today the runway surrounds Goodwood Airfield, but during the Second World War it was known as Westhampnett and was an important base for combat operations during the Battle of Britain. It was at this airfield that Douglas Bader was shot down on his last mission of the war. A few years ago his widow, Ms. Bader, unveiled a life-size statue of the former wing commander, a silent testament to the flights and celebrations that continue to preserve the site.

Ben is a regular at Goodwood Renaissance and particularly enjoys the broadcast shows.

Contrary to popular belief, mountain biking is not a sport for young, adrenaline-fueled men in macho muscle jackets. In contrast, today’s “adrenaline-hungry” cyclist can be middle-aged, young, muscular, female or male. Cycling is an equal opportunity sport that requires only one thing from its participants – to have fun.

Before you can enjoy this activity, you need to learn the basic rules of the game. Fortunately, learning these rules is as fun as participating in cycling.

Cycling is for everyone.

Unlike other sports, mountain biking does not discriminate by gender, age or body type. Anyone can participate as the game is not competitive but fun.

To ensure fair competition, the game has several levels or categories of competition. There are categories for beginners, categories for different age groups – even a category over 220kg (clyde sailing category.) So do your research and find a category that suits your needs.