Is guest blog posting service worth it?


Guest blog posting service, despite its popularity is still one of the most controversial content marketing strategies.

Are the drawbacks of guest posting worth it? We wanted to find out where marketers stand so we invited them to participate in our survey.

This roundup was a success because 122 marketers responded.

Later in this article, we will share our thoughts on guest posts with marketers. Let’s first find out how much time they spend on guest posting, if any.

Is guest blogging worth the effort?

Let’s take a look at where our marketers stand. We have divided their responses into three sections.

  • Guest posting is a great idea.
  • It is possible to guest post, but only if you meet certain conditions.
  • Guest posting is not worth the effort.

It is worth it to guest post because…

The first group of marketers said that guest posting was absolutely worth it. Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks, establish subject matter authority, and still have complete control over how your brand is displayed.

Here’s what they said:

This increases your reach

“Guest posting is well worth the time and effort. It’s a win-win situation when a company shares information about their business or products and services.

For a few hours per week, you will not only get great content, but also you can drive lots more traffic than you would otherwise. You can also get your brand in different places on the internet for a cheaper price.

It’s a win-win situation if you get a link out of the entire deal. Marketing is all about creating relationships and sometimes thinking outside of the box. Guest posting allows you to do both.

It establishes your expertise

“Guest posting is well worth your time and effort. It can provide your company with backlinks, but it creates an even more valuable situation. This establishes your company in a field that is highly specialized, which can be a deciding factor for consumers when they make a purchase decision.

Guest posts on other blogs are a way to reach out to a large audience. Your posts will be enjoyed by new readers, which will increase traffic to your site.

“Guest posting can help get your brand name out there to a wider audience. It is worth your time and effort to guest post. You can cross-pollinate followers with the other party if they have a different audience. A guest post can also provide new ideas and experiences for an audience that is open to your ideas.

Guest posting increases your credibility and establishes you as an authority to be trusted. You’ll get more traffic, increase your audience, and grow your business.

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“I believe guest posting is worth the effort. Because you are able to post your work on reputable blogs, it increases your credibility.

It also puts your ideas and words in front of a wider audience, sometimes even larger than yours. Your portfolio will grow and show that you are capable of writing for other people than yourself.

“I have guest blog posted for many websites, including public relations and marketing websites with higher domain authority than mine. It has helped me in two ways: it has increased my domain authority as well as my reputation and credibility, both as a thought-leader and public speaker in the social media and public relations industry.

It builds brand awareness

Guest blog service can be a great way to promote your business and get some SEO points. While larger companies may be more comfortable spending their time elsewhere, it is important to remember that thought leadership and knowledge of the industry can build trust and educate a market. It should be considered regardless of how large your company may be.

It increases domain authority

“We have a new website that has been online for a little more than a year. We have seen our domain authority increase from 12 points to 21 since we began guest posting over the past eighteen months according to SEMRush. It’s not a large DA but it’s a good one considering the origin of our domain and that we now have a new domain.” -Elena Iordache Stoica, Stoica.Co

This is a great way to get backlinks

“In my industry, the competition is high in link velocity. This means that I must constantly obtain new links. I use guest posts to achieve this at scale. Guest posts are more cost-effective than other links such as editorial links people pay for.

“Plus, if your guest post campaigns are run in-house rather than paying for them, they might be possible to score them at no cost.” -Brian Ward TheWorkoutDigest

“Guest posting is an honest, fair and genuine way to gain backlinks to your site. Our team will guest post for publications and blogs that have a high domain authority score.

If that is the case, backlinks can be a powerful way to increase your SEO. You can also guest post on a blog with more traffic than yours, which will give you an opportunity to promote yourself and your content to a wider audience. It’s almost free publicity!

“Guest posting is a great way of gaining contextual do-follow backlinks. You have some control over the anchor text. These links can boost your SEO and your rankings if they are placed on sites with high domain authority.

My advice is to outsource some tasks and start a guest posting campaign once a year. It can help you stay focused and not lose focus on more important tasks by spreading the work over several weeks.

A quality link can significantly increase credibility

To see an increase in search rankings, you only need to have one quality link from a trusted domain. Successful guest posting can bring about significant gains over time. Not only in terms of organic traffic but also from the credibility gained from being a part of a site with a large following.

“Generally speaking, once you have a large, high-quality content collection on your site, it is worth spending more time guest posting than creating new content.

Other SEO benefits are also available.

I believe guest posting is still relevant to SEO as it drives organic traffic towards your blog. It’s important that your website has a link back to your blog. Even if it is just in your bio. These links are the main purpose of guest posting.

These backlinks can be a great way to boost your search engine rankings. Although search engines have made changes to their algorithms over the years, I believe that guest posting is still effective. Popular guest posts have shown me spikes in traffic.

You control how your company is presented

“I believe guest posts are worth the effort because you have complete control over the content. You are not involved in writing reviews or articles about a company, product or service. Sometimes, this can lead to unexpected outcomes. You can rest assured that you will know what the guest post will look like and when it will go live.