What Is Web Development? and its Types

Web Development

Web development refers to the development, creation and maintenance of web pages. This process includes technical aspects such as cryptography, programming, and network security design, as well as more creative aspects such as user experience (UX) and design.

If you’re interested in an artistic and creative field with booming job opportunities, web development might be for you.

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Overview of Web Development

Website development includes everything you do to build a successful website. This process typically includes:

Planning. Before any technical work, the team meets with the client to find out what they expect from the site. They consider the target audience and purpose of the website.

Mapping. The next step is to create a sitemap that describes all the pages of your website. For example, you can have a navigation bar that leads from your home page to your resource page. On this resource page, you have the option to navigate to different pages for individual resources. A sitemap describes the relationships between all these pages.

Before the building design is finalized, the team discusses what the site should look like. A web designer or artist will guide you through the process and focus on the beauty of your site.

Design. This is what happens when you create a website. The web designer considers the client’s vision, sitemap, and design elements of the website code.

Overview Before launching the website, the team should review and test the website to make sure it works.

Types of Web Development

Because there is so much work in building a website, web development is often divided into two parts: front-end and back-end.


Front-end web development, also called client-side, is the user side of the website. This includes the look and feel of your site. Front-end developers typically work on website design, user interface, and user experience. This is a technical project, but also a creative project that emphasizes visual appeal.


Back-end web development, also known as server-side, is a technology that focuses on everything that is not visible when viewing a website, such as the website code. This type of development focuses on performance (speed) and site performance.


Full stack web development includes both front-end and back-end services. These developers have the knowledge to do all the work required to build a website, whether it’s client-side design tools or final coding.

web development and software development

Web development and software development require similar technical skills, such as coding and programming languages, but the programs used in each discipline are different. For example, web development includes all of the tasks of creating a website, whereas software development focuses on computer programs that run on computers and phones.

This career also depends on who you work for. Developers often work with teams and clients to understand the website’s purpose and target audience before they start building the website. For example, in web development, marketers can also engage in discussions about web copy. Software developers, on the other hand, often work with other technical experts in large companies to design, update, and maintain software.

Pros and cons of working in web development

Web development is a growing field, but is it a good career path? Getting a job in the industry requires a high level of training and skills, but those seeking a mix of technical and creative work are rewarded.

Pros of Web Development

Fast Growth

Web development is a rapidly growing industry, with jobs expected to grow 23% by 2031, according to the BLS. This is more than 5% on average. This growth rate means there will be plenty of job opportunities over the next decade.

Mix of Skills

Developers use a combination of technical and creative skills. So, if you are looking for a field that allows you to combine technical skills like coding and programming with creative skills like design, this career path will give you both.

Flexible Opportunities

Web development doesn’t have to be full time. Many developers work as freelancers or part-time, juggling multiple client projects at the same time. In addition, this career path gives you the freedom and flexibility to work when and how you want.

Cons of Web Development

Ever-Changing Technology

Web development is a constantly evolving field with the development of new technologies. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to keep up with the changes and new skills you need to learn to succeed.

Screen Time

Web development is often done remotely, which takes a lot of time to find and view screens.

“I don’t play in the NFL or on planes, but sitting in front of a computer (or sitting in public for long periods of time) is still a risk factor.”


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