The cost of a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate in 2023

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

If you’re a landlord or merely concerned about the electrical safety of your own house, having a regular Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate inspection will give you peace of mind that your property is secure. In this piece, we will look at why landlords should be aware of the new rule requiring electrical installation condition reports (previously called Periodic Inspection Reports)

Why the Law was Enacted,

  • what a condition report on an electrical installation is
  • What is the cost of a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate?
  • if you can legally execute electrical installation condition reports on the various sorts of work done by electricians on behalf of landlords and homeowners
  • What credentials and memberships should you demand from an electrician?
  • how do we obtain the most affordable quotations for electrical safety and other residential electrical work
  • Take note, landlords, of the new electrical safety certification requirements?
  • A little less than half of all UK household fires are unintentional and caused by poor wiring. Every year, 70 people are killed, and over 750,000 are injured.
  • Private landlords in Scotland have been made legally accountable for ensuring that their buildings’ electrics are up to code. 

Homeowners must keep a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate for each home and property they own every five years. London has followed the lead and requires an electrical condition report for every new moves into their residence. This makes also residential premises in compliance with existing rules regarding electrical safety certification requirements for multi-occupancy houses. More information can be found at Electrical Safety First.

These new rules supplement the current laws that govern your standard law duty of care to your renters, such as the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005, the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, and the Consumer Protection Act of 1987. East Kent Electrical can handle all of your Landlord’s electrical needs.

What exactly is a condition report for an electrical installation?

A Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate gives you and your renters piece of mind that the electrical equipment (including accessories, sockets, switches, and cables) is in good working order. The report will also include details on the work needed to bring the property up to code. It will also look for any electrical problems in your home that could lead to burns, fires, or electric shocks.

According to the Electrical Safety Council, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate should be completed at least once every ten years. And also implying that the new legal requirement currently imposed on landlords is even more preventative than widely accepted professional advice. 

For their electrical installation condition report, London Property Inspections will test the following:

  • Switches, sockets, and fixtures, including light fittings, are all part of the fuse board or consumer unit (a sample section thereof)
  • installation polarity checks protection device testing to ensure they are still operational

What is the price?

The cost of a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate varies depending on many criteria, including the size of the property being examined. To budget for the expense of an electrical inspection on your rental property, set aside the following sums (this is merely a guideline; actual costs may vary):

  • £100 to £150 for a one-bedroom flat
  • £120 to £170 for a two-bedroom flat
  • £180 to £230 for a three-bedroom flat
  • £150 to £200 for a one or two-bedroom property
  • £200 to £250 for a three to four-bedroom house
  • 5-bedroom house or greater – £300 and up

The pricing is based on a 10-circuit-or-less fuse board, which is common in residential premises.

Can I perform my electrical safety inspections?

Landlords must ensure the following with the force of law:

  • When a property is rented, all of its electrical installations are secure.
  • Any appliance provided in the home is CE marked and safe.
  • Electrical Safety First, a registered charity, recommended that a licensed electrician perform any electrical repair in your home.

Whether your rental property is a standard type or a Home In Multiple Occupations, all checks must be performed by a “competent person” (someone with the required qualifications to complete the work). And you must maintain the Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate provided by that competent person. Your local government can request this documentation from you, and you must supply it within seven days.

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