Which Lawn Mower Brand Should You Buy In 2022?

Lawn Mower

We polled Lawn Mower owners from manufacturers including Cobra, Flymo, Gtech, Honda, and John Deere to find the most dependable brands.

The most prevalent flaws across all lawn mower types are power concerns, with cordless mower batteries failing to charge, electric mowers experiencing electrical failures, and petrol-mower engines failing to start.

When purchasing a new Lawn Mower, it is critical to understand which brands acquire the most flaws and how quickly. Members in our unique customer satisfaction survey if they’re happy with their lawnmowers or have had problems with them.

We looked at the performance of the top manufacturers, including Cobra, Flymo, Gtech, Honda, and John Deere, and produced a customer score for each, so you know which brands to buy and which to avoid in our most recent analysis.

Lawn Mower brands that are better than others

We crunched the data as part of our newest lawn mower brand survey to calculate customer satisfaction scores for 19 distinct lawn mower brands.

Our findings are based on a survey that was performed in January 2022. We collected comments from 5,387 lawn mower owners and calculated the percentage of mowers still fault-free after seven years. Brands with insufficient sample sizes were excluded, and the results from corded, cordless, and petrol hedge trimmers are merged in the table below.

As of January 2022, the average scores were correct.

When we compare the top and worst brands, we can see a significant difference in both average test scores and customer satisfaction.

You can ensure that you’re purchasing a mower that’s easy to operate and successful at cutting different grass lengths by reviewing our professional lawn mower reviews before you buy. The top models also last a long time, so you won’t have to deal with costly maintenance or spare parts.

Common lawn mower issues

Although each type of lawn mower has its own unique mechanics, the most common problem owners of all lawn mowers confront is power outages.

These can cause by Li-ion batteries in cordless mowers failing to hold a charge or by essential engine components rusting or wearing away over time in electric and petrol mowers. These issues are frequently exacerbate or accelerated in moist or cold storage settings.

15% of cordless lawn mowers fail to charge the battery. Correct battery storage can help extend its life. After using it, please take it off the mower and put it in a dry place.

The battery was unable to hold a charge. Lithium-ion batteries eventually lose their ability to store amounts. As a result, you should always choose a mower with a replacement battery.

Electrical outage. Key operational pieces may have rusted or worn away. If you need help figuring out what’s wrong, it’s advisable to have your mower serviced.

How do we determine which brands are the greatest and worst?

Which has a lot of information about the UK’s most popular brands of garden products. Every two years, Which? Members are asked to tell us about the garden products they own, from how likely they are to recommend a brand to how dependable they are after you get them home.

Based on our surveys of reliability and strict lab tests, we can recommend the best lawn mower.

This information is also critical for our testing. For example, suppose a brand falls considerably below the category average. In that case, we remove the manufacturer’s Best Buy recommendations and will not promote any of its goods unless there is a significant improvement in reliability.