Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate For Rental Properties

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

The plans for obligatory Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate every five years in the private rental sector in London have finally been confirmed by the government of the United Kingdom. Because of this change, which will require additional legislation, it will soon be mandatory for all landlords. To have an electrical check (also known as an EICR) performed on their property(s) by a licensed electrician. This law will be similar to those already in effect in London. Which has rental safety standards that are currently much higher than those in the rest of the United Kingdom.

It has been suggested that the safety checks will get underway with all newly established tenancies. And move on to existing leases later. Due to the amount of time needed for the relevant legislation to be passed by Parliament. There has yet to be a date that has been guaranteed for the first checks.

Implementing these legally required Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate is the culmination of years of lobbying by consumer and safety advocacy organizations like London Property Inspections and the electrical industry.

How does something like this affect me, and what does it signify for me?

The law applies to everyone who rents a property, regardless of whether they do so on a professional basis. Or not and whether they do so through a renting agency, to a member of their own family. Or even just a room in their own home. This indicates that you are legally responsible for ensuring the electrical safety of the property.

Who Can Perform the Tests at My Property?

At this time, only qualified electricians are permitted to carry out these essential safety checks; however, the government has indicated that they will soon offer landlords clear instructions on whom they should hire to carry out these essential Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

What Are the Consequences If the Property Does Not Successfully Complete the Exam?

If the electrical safety check is unsuccessful, does not pass, or is otherwise deemed “Unsatisfactory,” the necessary corrective. Or repair work will need to be completed to guarantee adequate and safe compliance. For this to work, it will need to conform to the most recent Edition of the IET requirements. BS 7671:2018 18th Edition, and to section ‘P’ of the building regulations.

An additional inspection can occur as soon as these works have been finished. A “Satisfactory” report can be issued if the corrective works have been carried out under the applicable requirements. This is provided, of course, that the corrective works have been carried out.

It is anticipated that the report will be valid for up to five years. After which it will be necessary to conduct additional research. It is recommended that a ‘visual inspection’ be performed on any change in the tenancy. That takes place within the five-year time frame.

What Should I Expect If I Do Not Get My Electrical System Inspected?

You will not comply with regulations, and action may be taken against. You and everything else that goes along with it. On the website Government legislation, you will find more information about the legislation, which you can read.

Insurance for the property is another component that is frequently disregarded. Many insurance companies demand their customers comply with the laws that are now in effect. Therefore, if you do not comply, it is possible that you will not be insured.

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