Best 7 Tips To Spot a Fake Coach Wallet or Bag

Coach Wallet

Ever wonder if that amazing deal was to great? Is it possible to spot a fake Coach Wallet or bag ? We understand that you work hard to earn your money. We know you care about what you have.

Also we want to take the time to explain how you can make sure the COACH bag or wallet you are purchasing is authentic.

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How to spot a fake Coach Wallet or bag

This article will help you identify whether or not a COACH wallet or wristlet is genuine.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure things out by yourself, especially if the brand and products are unfamiliar. To help you distinguish the differences, we will be looking at various aspects of the brand as well as how they design their wallets.

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Coach Wallet Takes Spotting Counterfeit Products Seriously

This is the first thing you need to know. COACH takes this seriously. The fake industry can not only hurt their financial position, but also reduce their brand’s value and cause them to lose trust with customers. We are referring to really bad stuff, such as organize criminal activity or child labor.

According to the USPTO, “counterfeiting” is the most serious criminal activity in the world. The annual sales of counterfeit and stolen goods are estimate at $1.7 trillion to $4.5 trillion per year. Source:

Here’s COACH’s description of their approach:

  • COACH will immediately take action against these counterfeit producers
  • They collaborate with law enforcement and customs at all levels to prevent these products from reaching the global supply.
  • They are relentless in working with vendors to make sure they understand the importance of this issue and only buy products from COACH.

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Let’s now look at some things you can do as a consumer to protect yourself against counterfeit products:

Design Flaws

The logo of the maker is the most obvious indication that a COACH purse or wallet has been include. If a wallet is genuine, the signature C will be found on it. We’ve seen a lot of counterfeit wallets that use G’s, O’s or a single letter C.

You should also pay attention to the “color” of your wallet or bag. Ask yourself first if this is a color being offer in a variant of this product. Sometimes it is not. You can check their website to confirm that the product is valid and that the colors match.

Fabric Issues

Coach Wallet and bags are made from the best materials. It’s easier to spot counterfeit products if they use sub-par materials. Feel it. The leather use for a wallet should be of high quality. It should feel soft. These wallets are made from very fine leather. If you touch it with your fingers, you will feel a soft, smooth material. Fakes will feel rougher and more expensive than genuine leather.

You can trust your gut to judge if the item “feels” fake. It should not feel like plastic (or bond leather) (pleather). These materials are often use in counterfeit COACH wallets or purses.


Take a look at the stitching

Next, take a long look at the stitching.

  • Does it look professional and are you satisfy with the final product?
  • Does it run in a straight line?
  • Is there fraying in the stitching? Or is it coming apart in certain places?

It should be finish with no missing stitches at the end of every line of stitching. There have been some stunning knockoffs that had terrible stitching. If something isn’t “lining up”, it is a sign.

Flimsy Hardware

COACH only uses high-quality hardware for their bags and wallets. It is usually a heavy metal that isn’t made of plastic. It will not rust or become dull. You must do some damage to the button to make them chip/flake. The zippers use in COACH wallets are made of YKK Zippers, which is typical for high-end designers.

You can read more about YKK Zippers here. They are standard metal zippers that have YKK in uppercase with a line between the zipper and the zipper. The plain zipper on the COACH purse or wallet you are looking at should sound alarms. It could be a fake. The zipper should not be rip or torn along the middle seams of your wallet.

Is the Price Too Good to be True?

You can find many resources online to compare the cost of the COACH purse or wallet. A counterfeit purse or wallet is a product that’s either heavily price or excessively expensive.

To see the price differences, do a quick search on Amazon and the COACH website. The COACH website also lists a number of COACH authorize retailers, both online and offline. You can also list your COACH purse or wallet on eBay if you don’t like it.

While that is fine, we have seen many people happy with their eBay and Craigslist purchases. However, we have also seen many people get scamm.

This is the list if authorize vendors for COACH products. It is not exhaustive, but it is the most important ones they list on their site.

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Here are some other tricks to help you spot a fake COACH wallet or bag

The Glue Test

Another useful trick is to give your COACH purse or wallet a “glue test” before you buy the product. You can check for glue by rubbing your fingers along all seams. Any residue will usually indicate a counterfeit COACH wallet or bag. All authentic products have been quality check before shipping.

The Serial Number is available here

It would be great if it was possible to quickly verify the authenticity of a COACH wallet using its serial number. But, it isn’t that simple.

There are entire pages on fashion websites dedicate to vintage COACH wallets and bags. These pages will list all variations of COACH serial number over the years. A good example is Essex Fashion House. This assumes that you are not interest in vintage, which is an entire art form.

Here’s the short version:

  • COACH use NNN-NNNNNN serial numbers in all, but not all, of its products prior to 1994. Products
  • The modern COACH style number will look something like ANA-NNNN/ANNNN-NNNNN. The letters (A and N) to the left indicate the year/place of manufacture, and the rest is the “style number”. This is not a unique serial number. ).

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What can you do if you don’t have a unique serial number?

Image Check

You can search for the style code online. Simply enter the code into the search box, and then click the “images” tab. Similar products will be displayed for genuine COACH wallets or bags. Fake numbers are possible to be published, so that’s not a 100% guarantee.

Auction sites

It can sometimes be beneficial to ask the seller for a photo of the serial number/style number on the product before you spend any money. This topic is also discuss on the eBay forum.

Ask the pros

Another tip is to ask the staff at the COACH outlet if they have any questions about the product you are looking at. You’ll find them willing to assist you in avoiding fakes and offer some helpful tips on how to avoid falling for the trap. This is not an official service. Be charming!

Fake Purchases

There are a few options available if you fall for a fake COACH product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. COACH is made in China

Tapestry’s 2021 10K File: “During fiscal 2020, Coach product manufacturers were primarily located (in order) in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.” This is a departure from 2019, where the list of countries included ‘mainland China. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that no products are made in these countries, it does suggest diversification away China.

Q2. Is Tapestry the exact same as COACH?

Tapestry was officially changed to Coach’s name in 2017 (source). Tapestry is now the holding company for brands Coach New York and Kate Spade New York.