Best IT Courses Online For Beginners?

IT Courses

Linux For Jobs and Amazon Web Services (AWS) For Jobs are two of Yellow Tail Tech’s IT Courses classes that are explicitly designed with novices in mind. Each one has a variety of classes that can teach you all you need to know to be an effective information technology professional.

Both follow a structure analogous to one another, consisting of anywhere from two to three live sessions per week, in addition to pre-lecture and supplementary content that can be found on our student learning platform. You are more than welcome to make an appointment for a career planning session if you are still trying to decide which option is most suitable. Our staff would be overjoyed to assist you at this time.

Completely accessible online

At Yellow Tail Tech, all of our courses are made available in an online format. We are dedicated to encouraging students to participate actively in our online classroom and providing a forum in which they are free to express their ideas and opinions openly and honestly. In addition, online education offers a great deal of adaptability and convenience because it enables students to participate in classes from any location, regardless of whether they are doing so for personal or professional reasons.

There is No Need for Prior Technical Experience.

You can rely on our expert team to offer you the foundational knowledge and skills you need to prepare for the workforce. At Yellow Tail Tech, every one of our courses was developed with individuals who do not work in the information technology industry in mind. These individuals do not have any prior experience working in the relevant field and do not possess any higher education credentials.

In addition to the regular sessions, our programs allow you to participate in internships, which allow you to grow and improve your abilities while also putting you in touch with other working professionals in the industry.

Teachers With Years of Experience

Our instructors have years of experience in the field, and each has a distinct methodology that is nonetheless quite effective in teaching. They are all committed to assisting pupils, particularly those with difficulty with certain concepts covered in the curriculum. In addition, our team can assist with developing other vital abilities, such as leadership, creativity, and critical thinking, in addition to teaching concepts related to information technology.

Information Technology Abilities That Will Look Good on Your Resume in 2022

Information technology can entail various tasks, from troubleshooting problems with an employee’s wireless network to programming a company’s new cloud infrastructure. Because there is such a wide variety of work to be done, the competencies required for various positions within the information technology sector might differ. Therefore, look through a few job advertisements you are interested in to determine which talents you should put the most effort into getting.


Beginning your career with a job at a help desk, in networking, or system administration might give you an introduction to concepts that are beneficial to know for security reasons. The following are some talents that will help you qualify for careers in information technology security, such as information security analyst positions at entry-level and higher levels.


It might be challenging to transfer your knowledge and expertise from one industry to another. Becoming knowledgeable about a field you were not previously involved in needs a significant investment of your time and effort. This challenge is made much more difficult regarding IT Courses because the skills and knowledge required for individual tasks might be pretty complicated.

However, it would help if you weren’t concerned because Yellow Tail Tech can help you transition smoothly into the information technology field. We provide various programs designed to assist you in building a solid foundation of abilities while fostering your creative spirit via discovery and experimenting.