Free Online IT Courses for Novices In 2023

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Work in the IT Courses field. You should know a lot about many things, such as cybersecurity, networking, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. However, this sector can be scary to some people because it requires a high level of technical expertise to complete specific duties. This is especially true for individuals who do not possess a degree in the field or have no prior experience working in it.

Still, if you have Yellow Tail Tech on your side, it has always been challenging to start a successful career in the IT Courses field. We are an education technology company proud to offer the best online IT Courses for people just starting. Our programs last anywhere from six to nine months and could help you get a high-paying job in the field for the first time.

A few of our students have already found employment that pays upwards of $90,000 annually in just a few short months. In addition, a few alumni have made as much as $160,000 as senior system engineers just a few years after graduating from their programs.

What are the most helpful online IT courses for novices to take?

AWS for job postings

With the support of our teachers, you will be better prepared to become an AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer so that you may contribute to the cloud computing initiatives of a business. After completing our AWS for Jobs curriculum, you can create code to automate processes. In addition, you will be able to improve the cloud service infrastructure in terms of cost and performance. Rest

The following are the classes that we will be taking:

Infrastructure and Networking of Information Technology

We will teach you the essentials of computers and networking, which every IT professional should be familiar with. In addition, we will increase your capacity to explain particular services and procedures by utilizing a total of seven modules. In the course that lasts for five weeks, we will discuss a variety of topics, including the following:

  • A Language Used in Computers
  • Networking Hardware
  • Connecting Points and Switches
  • Addresses using the Internet Protocol (IP)

Administration of the Linux Operating System

The Linux System Administration course offered by Yellow Tail Tech is spread out over twelve weeks. During the first quarter of this course, we will instruct you on how to use a computer running the Linux operating system. After we have laid a solid foundation, the next step in your preparation for the job will be for us to put you in a variety of situations that are similar to those you could experience in a real-world working setting. Our modules are:

• Fundamental Orders, as well as History

• The Structure of Directories

AWS for Job Training

During the time you spend with us, our teachers will instruct you on handling serverless IT infrastructures at an enterprise level. In addition, they will familiarise you with the typical challenges encountered in a DevOps setting. The first four weeks of this session will be devoted to learning about the services provided by AWS. After that, we will instruct you on how to construct, deliver, and manage infrastructure as code so that you can become an AWS Infrastructure DevOps Engineer.

Preparation for the AWS SysOps Certification Exam

By completing our AWS SysOps Certification Prep course, which lasts eight weeks, you will be able to acquire the skills and self-assurance necessary to become a certified AWS systems operations engineer. In addition, it will put you in real-world scenarios, which our teachers will then educate you on how to manage effectively.

Automation with Python

Currently, IT businesses are automating recurring and repetitive operations to increase workplace productivity and efficiency. Taking our Python course for automation, you can acquire a fundamental knowledge of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) application program interface (API) and Lambda. In addition, we will instruct you on how to improve workflow automation by utilizing the pieces above of software.