Gwadar fishermen have vacated their fishing grounds to build Gwadar port

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The Gwadar fishermen vacated their fishing grounds to build the Gwadar port. Gwadar fishermen march against granting fishing rights to Chinese trawlers. The Fisheries and Coastal Development sector is dedicated to the conservation of marine/freshwater ecosystems. Since its inception, the agency achieved hundreds of concrete policies.  victories in protecting marine life and freshwater habitats. As part of the campaign.  The ministry is participating in efforts to end illegal. And unreported fishing in Baluchistan’s territorial waters. The organization is also working to improve the management of existing marine protected areas (MPAs) and to develop effective long-term protection strategies to protect and restore critical habitats.

Organization is responsible for drafting

On a local level, it is a pioneer in conservation, enabling local communities to manage their marine resources sustainably. The organization is responsible for drafting the master plan. For the longest coastline in the country and continues to participate in several major projects. For the sustainable development of Baluchistan’s coastline. Protecting the environment and the environment by developing ecotourism. It staying within the natural limits to protect the natural and geographical characteristics. The coast Hundreds of Gwadar fishermen. politicians and civil society members. A staged a protest march against the federal government’s licensing of Chinese fishing vessels in Gwadar.
The National Party and the Baluch Students Organization called for a protest march. IT sit-in  front of the Gwadar Press Club against the government’s move.

Gwadar fishermen of their livelihood.

The demonstrators marched through the streets of port city. And later staged a sit-in. Haji Fida Hussain Dashti, Faiz Nagori, Manzour Qadir Bakhsh, Abdul Rahim Al-Sarabi, Muhammad Noor. The leaders of the fishermen of Gwadar-i-Dad Waju spoke on the occasion. Gwadar fishermen are already facing violations of fishing restrictions by trawlers in Sindh. And that the federal government allowed foreign trawlers to deprive Gwadar fishermen of their livelihood. The spokesman said that the Gwadar fishermen vacated their fishing grounds to build the Gwadar port. Hoping that the economic situation will improve once the port is ready. Now the federal government has issued licenses to Chinese fishing vessels.

Local fishermen in the coastal city

They urged people to unite on issues vital to the people of Gwadar. They argued that local fisheries ministers. And federal officials were speaking in favor. The Chinese fishermen rather than supporting the local fishermen’s position.
They demanded that the government revoke. The fishing permits of Chinese fishing vessels in order to protect the livelihoods of local people. Local fishermen in the coastal city of Gwadar in Baluchistan  mistakenly caught the The fishermen of Guadalé  stunned by what was stunned in their nets on Friday.

Shams Mola fish reports ARY News

Sunfish are common in deep waters and weigh more than two tons, according to experts.
In early July 2021, the Goddess of Fortune smiled. When a fisherman landed a rare 26kg fish off the coast of Ziwani in Baluchistan. The fish, known locally as Sawa, sold for 676,000 rupees at auction at the local fish market. According to the details. This is my third catch in a week. Earlier on May 30, a rare fish (mouth) caught from Jiwani sold at a high price of 8.6 crore. The weight of a rare croaker fish is 48 kg. Ahmed Nadeem. Deputy Director General of Fisheries. That a fisherman named Waheed Baloch. Who gathered hundreds of fishermen, politicians. The members of civil society. It including members of the Kuomintang and Baloch Students Organization. The granted Pakistani government the right to fish. I confirmed that I organized a protest march against her. For Chinese fishing vessels in Gwadar through a license

Chinese fishing vessels

On 23 June, the protesters said that the fishermen of Gwadar had given up their fishing grounds to build the Gwadar port, hoping that the economic situation would improve once the port was ready. However, the Imran government’s move to issue licenses to Chinese fishing vessels serious impact on their livelihoods .On June 24, media sources said that the Chinese ship that washed up on the Pakistani coast was a “factory ship” or merchant ship that houses food processing units for processing and storing catches from the ocean. On June 24. Pakistani media called the reports of Chinese fishing boats looting Pakistani fish stocks. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China. Karachi also said that five Chinese fishing vessels evacuated from the monsoon. In the Indian Ocean to the Gwadar anchorage According to the crew.

Chinese fishing boats

On June 24, Pakistani media called the reports of Chinese fishing boats looting Pakistani fish stocks unfounded. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Karachi. Also said that five Chinese fishing vessels evacuated from the monsoon. In the Indian Ocean to the Gwadar anchorage. According to the crew. The fishing vessel, which reached the high seas in late November 2020. Its full compliance with the rules of the high seas. In a 2020 interview with the Chinese Consulate. General in Pakistan Li Bijian said “China’s desire to expand domestic fisheries in region with larger vessels. It modern fishing equipment and processing plants was expressed.

Chinese factory vessels refer to fishing vessels

But Chinese factory vessels actually refer to fishing vessels that threaten to wipe out large aquatic life. Trawlers use large. It heavy nets that are pulled across the sea floor to collect everything from fish of all sizes to eggs. This is a practice that conservationists consider highly destructive. Seafood depletion was already a problem in a 2015 UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, which said not a single stock sustainably harvested in Pakistan’s marine fisheries. The Food and Agriculture Organization then concluded that the depletion of Pakistan’s marine resources was an “ongoing environmental disaster”.

Gwadar fishermen fear China

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