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It appears that the Ministry of Education provides quality of education in the field of Godha, Baluchistan. We monitor the necessary changes to the Gwadar Education curriculum in the field of education. Through the academy and research. it encourages the distinction of graduates. And creates an auxiliary educational environment. We will also conduct research in the context of teaching and learning. It encourages and publishes. The administration aims to provide strategic direction to the national educational environment, which long -a term vision to develop strong networks throughout the region.

Exposure to the latest learning techniques

This degree also provides a modern work for the training course. Exposure to the latest learning techniques. And the integration of theory and practice. It enhances the passion of teaching with a young heart with many practical education opportunities. And reveals the experience of living teachers inside and outside the classroom. The department provides various evaluation strategies to enrich various education skills. The education to become an educational leader. and change the Gwadar education system. Currently, the total number of section records is 107 with four groups of B.ED (with honors). A large group of GWADAL students and local population interested in management to obtain their standard and scope. The Ministry of Education started traveling in 2017. And 14 students died from the first batch.

The purpose of the section

The main purpose of the program is:
1. Promotion and move forward in knowing the teacher’s content during training.
2. Enhancing that teachers exercise a competitive position for professional progress.
3. Enhancing educational skills and knowing practical teachers at the primary school level.
4.Equipped with professional skills and basic efficiency of practice teachers.

Our vision is a chosen laboratory for higher education

Our vision is a chosen laboratory for higher education, and in harmony between traditions and present, a unique educational experience that guarantees access to quality higher education to the most far reach of the country. Educational system. Expedition. The University of Godir (UG) is a major university in Japan, and it is an excellent reset to one in research and development by distinguishing between itself by creating modern education and providing global education. In order to become the first university in Baluchistan. it reflects the International Group of Courses and Program Design.

The University of Turret was established

In fact The modern era, advanced knowledge is the most important contributor to specialized and economic development. The University of Tourat was established on May 28, 2012 through. A charter issued by the ruler Baluchistan. UT is the second most common learning seat in the public sector in Paroshstan. it is noble issue to provide higher Gwadar education for people in the macruran category. 1/5 from the entire state. Gwadal people are keen to achieve higher Gwadar education. In the past search for higher education at their entrance remained a dream for the people of Guadal. A dream that the people of Guadal will get higher education. Its on their entrance stairs. which  converted into the truth. When the University of Godllal established. The University of Guadal University is located in the initial stage of the institution.

Creative ideas and practical knowledge

Modern education depends on creativity. The skills development and innovation. By adding the value of innovative methods. It creative ideas and practical knowledge, you need time to complete your testimony.
GWADAL is one of the cities known in Pakistan, thanks to the deep seas port. From Bruise Musharraf to Nawaz Sharif, all the rulers talked about making Jawadar a new area of ​​maritime trade. The city was also in the spotlight of discussions on the path of conflict in the Patina Economic Corridor. But behind all the new magic, there is a dark fact that people rarely say. Zainab student is headquartered in the student. After conducting the middle exam in science, she wanted to study science in one person, but I could not. why?

The culture of misconduct test system

Guadal universities do not scientific teachers. This is correct. In the twenty -first century. There are no teachers in port of Goudal. Who can teach the basic science of students. At the level of graduation and average level. She had no choice. In the given mode the culture of misconduct test system. Students want to learn science at a higher level. but they did not know the science in Godel. As a result students no choice but to cheat exams to pass the exam. and provide an opportunity to participate in universities elsewhere. The lack of scientific teachers is only one problem. It is correct to say that the entire educational system of Category 1 to graduation is completely eroded

Good educational institutions

This uncomfortable fact not mentioned in the main media. There no news channels or newspapers interested in creating an investigative report on this issue. This is because people in large cities in Pakistan. Such as Lahore, Karachi, and Kita, are not interested in distant areas such as Guadal. Strong people are concerned about the port.  Its not or their dissatisfaction. The population of Jawadal is about 200,000, with only one degree throughout the region. The average literacy in the region is estimated at 25 %. The new Gawadr generation wants to study. But there is no way to reach high -quality education. Regardless of the small and rich minority not all families send children to Quetta or good educational institutions.

Interesting revelation

The Parushistan government begun in an emergency in education. And 26 % of the total state budget for education is appointed. However on the paper as it is mentioned in the state of Jadal. The reality on the ground is completely different. It is a slap in the government’s demand. An interesting revelation comes from power. The government plans to create a CCTV camera in all the state’s test centers to prevent students from doing fraudulent work. This foolishness is only an example of what the government does under the name “Emergency Cases”. If the student not taught throughout the year. you just prepare a CCTV camera and expect to end the culture of making mistakes?
The compensation for the educational standards of Gadadal is not part of the agenda of the Barushistan government led by Dr. Marik Baroque, who came from Kik, a region close to Javadal.

Establish a university and federal school

The government not made any efforts to recruit scientific teachers at Guadal University. One of the possible reasons is that Dr. Marik Barokuk, the national, Baluchistan. lost in the previous public elections from Guadal.
Education is the issue of the state under the state government. The federal government is not directly responsible for the deterioration of the Guadal education system. Its federal government established to establish a university and federal school in Guadal. The federal government runs the Gwadar Mega project. its responsibility is to develop cities and educational systems. The light form of the educational system indicates. that the federal government cannot play. Its role in developing Guallal. Perhaps, the federal government interested in important places of Jawal, not these people.

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