Salesloft Integrations and Analytics


Founded in September 2011, Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that provides a single, unified system for managing all your sales interactions. It allows you to reach prospects on the phone, via chat, email, and social media. It also includes a Modern Revenue Workspace, Dialer and Messenger, and analytics and reporting.

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Using SalesLoft integrations can improve your sales team’s performance. It helps you to engage customers and drive more revenue. It also provides an easy way to optimize your sales process. You can integrate with hundreds of other tools to streamline your business.

For example, SalesLoft’s CRM Sync works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give you centralized data for your pipeline. The sync includes bidirectional data syncing, activity logging, and automation rules. You can also customize hierarchies.

SalesLoft is integrated with over 100 other partners. These include HubSpot, Eloqua, Square, Marketo, and Cisco. Each of these companies uses SalesLoft to help their teams connect with leads. Many of these partners offer unique integrations. For example, Shopify and IBM use SalesLoft to increase conversion rates.

Another tool that can be used with SalesLoft is Sendoso. This tool allows you to add a booking confirmation to your contacts. It can also improve your demo rates. You can also automate your sales process and create a ticket in HubSpot when your call concludes.

Aircall lets you easily access your contacts’ information during calls. You can view their Insight Cards in the call record, including their call duration, type of call, and links to their call recordings. This integration can be set up in two minutes. It is also compatible with Salesforce dubai.

Gong can analyze phone calls imported from modern PBX systems. It can bring in calls from the last three months. It requires a consistent recording across all channels. You will need to set up your Gong account as a team admin in Salesloft.

Modern Revenue Workspace

Earlier this year, Salesloft announced two major innovations to their Modern Revenue Workspace. These innovations are designed to improve sellers’ experience by providing a more unified sales toolkit.

Modern Revenue Workspace brings together tools to help sellers focus on what matters most – executing. The platform integrates data, AI, and best practice workflows. It also provides sellers with the insights to do more business.

Modern Revenue Workspace is a new platform from Salesloft that makes selling easier and faster. It helps sellers find deals that are winnable, understand buyer pains, and prioritize actions to take. It also helps sellers collaborate, communicate, and coach. Its intelligent, scalable system will be a game changer in the world of sales.

Today, Salesloft has 4,000 customers and a number of products to support their sellers. As more and more reps join their team, they’re looking for a way to better manage the messaging, onboarding, and content that they provide to each seller. They wanted a standardized solution to make sure that the company’s message is consistent across all its sellers.

The company’s new Messaging Certification Program helps sellers understand how to craft effective messaging, and helps them learn about the different tactics that they can use to make their messages resonate with buyers. This certification program is designed to be gamified, and helps teams become more effective and efficient at delivering messaging.

Using machine learning, Deal Engagement Score is calculated. It’s based on 30 data elements. It’s a predictive indicator that helps Salesloft’s sales teams prioritize and deliver the most effective plays to buyers. It also serves as a recommendation for email content.

Other features include an Email Optimizer by Salesloft Labs, which automatically analyzes the subject lines and body of emails. It also provides recommendations for emails that can be used as templates.

Dialer and Messenger

Whether you’re using Salesloft for personal or business use, the Dialer and Messenger are a great way to get the job done. These tools can help you to quickly find a contact, log notes about your conversations, and even make sales texts.

The Dialer is an advanced feature that helps you to search for a person or group, call them, and send them a message. It also provides an easy way to record calls and voicemails for training or practice purposes.

The Dialer is a tool that can be accessed in the Chrome browser. To launch the Dialer, you need to install the Salesloft Chrome Extension. Once installed, you’ll see a new Dialer tab in your browser window. To access it, click on the icon in the URL bar.

The Dialer’s main window displays a few tabs and icons. The first tab provides a quick overview of the Dialer’s capabilities. The second tab allows you to search for a person or group, and the third tab helps you to make a call. You can also use the Dialer to log calls, send messages, and set up forwarding numbers.

The “Call” button in the Dialer is the obvious choice. If you select the “Call” button, a call will be routed to the selected phone line. However, you can also select the Pass Through option, which lets you make calls from a landline or cell phone. You’ll need to configure your number for this option.

Analytics and reporting

Using Salesloft Analytics is a great way to gain deeper insights into your sales process. It allows you to see real-time trends across your business days. It also helps you identify top performers and replicate their behaviors.

The Outcomes Dashboard displays data from the previous 18 months. You can also view the last 30 and 90 days. If you want to see more, you can use advanced filters. These allow you to filter by metrics, filter ranges, and numeric values.

You can also export the data for use with an external database. You can do this through the Team Reports tab. It’s a quick and easy way to share your team’s analytics with your executives.

The Reports tab contains all of the reports available in Salesloft. You can choose from a number of standard reports, or create custom reports.

You can also customize the report by changing the Analytics Filters. The Filter box in the top right-hand corner allows you to filter by date, time, or group. You can also click the Add Filter button to select specific report-specific filters. The filter box can expand to display the calendar, or filter by a custom range.

Salesloft has a wide variety of options to help you track and analyze activity. For example, you can filter by user, by hour, by date, or by activity type. You can also create custom reports, and save them for future use.

You can also export your Analytics report for use with an external database. This is a great way to combine your Salesloft data with other CRMs and business intelligence tools.


You should choose the right program for your business’ needs, but you should also be sure to avoid wasting your time and money.

It allows you to track emails and phone calls and create a workflow. It has an intuitive user interface and includes a host of features. You can create call lists, customize messages, respond to emails, and even use built-in call recording. You can also make your sales calls easier with automated phone calls.

It can help you streamline your sales cycle by combining your emails, phone calls, and meetings into an organized system. It also provides you with reporting and analytics. You can use this data to determine when to send your best emails, when to send your best calls, and when to call at the most effective times.

There are three levels of plans: Email Only, Email Only + Phone, and Email + Phone. You can pay for all of these features, or you can choose the most affordable plan. However, you will have to sign a yearly contract for email. The pricing ranges from $75 for group edition to $125 per month for the enterprise edition. There are also onboarding fees for some features.

You will have to pay for maintenance and upgrades. It is important to keep in mind that the total cost of ownership includes training and hardware. Depending on the features you select, you may end up paying more than the monthly fee.