Google Pixelbook 12in Price & Performance Reviews (2022–2023)


Here you can find a full review guide for the Google Pixelbook 12in. The goal of this article is to give you an overview of its features, how it works, its pros and cons, and how much it costs.

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How about we get start?

Some people may be surprise to hear that Compact Chromebooks are making a comeback, especially since each one looks different.

The main thing that sets Chromebooks apart from other laptops and PCs is that they are design to be fast and efficient. They also use a different operating system call Chrome OS. This operating system has cloud storage, Google’s most advance features, and a lot of layers of protection against different kinds of threats.

It’s been a while since there was a high-quality Chromebook, but the 12″ Google Pixelbook has taken the market by storm with its sleek design, high-performance parts, and low price. It’s a great example of what a high-quality Chromebook can do.

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The Pixelbook, Google’s newer, next-generation device that came out last year, came out before the Chromebook Pixel, which was also a popular older option.

With this new name, it’s clear that the Google Pixelbook is more than just a better version of the Google Pixelbook. So, this is a brand-new model that is very different from the one that came before.

It makes sense that Chromebooks will be pricey, but the most important question is whether or not they are worth the money.

We think that the Google Pixelbook could be a great choice for people with specific needs for a number of different reasons. It might be the best thing for them to use.

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Details about Google Pixelbook 12in

One of the best things about the Google Pixelbook 12in is that it can be charge quickly, which is also one of the best things about it. The battery life of this Chromebook is not its most attractive feature. It doesn’t live up to the standards set by cheaper Chromebooks that came before it, which is one of its biggest flaws.

On the other hand, the Pixelbook is different from other Chromebooks because it has an Android app built right into it. This gives users a more immersive and simplify experience by linking all of the Chromebook’s features together. This makes the experience smooth and easy.

There is no doubt that Google has foresight when it comes to this matter. Even though I don’t like laptops with a 3:2 aspect ratio, I think the Pixelbook is one of the most attractive laptops on the market because of how it looks as a whole.

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It is made of a single piece of metal

Which makes it stylish and useful, but it is also fragile because it is metal. The silicon wrist rests and accents are also worth mentioning.

The unique thing about Pixelbook is that it fits the definition of a compact laptop in terms of size and weight. This laptop isn’t made or feels like a typical laptop, but it looks like a simple notebook.

A unique feature of this notebook is that it has been design in such a way that it mimics the visual appeal of the ancient, brown-up, settle-stitch notebooks that you would be proud to own yourself in the future!

As for the size of the laptop, it is encase in aluminium and white plastic when it comes to its size and has a delightfully thin thickness of 10.3mm when it comes to its thickness. As its name suggests, this device has a screen that is 12 inches wide and has a default resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. With 235 pixels per inch, it has more pixels than Apple’s Retina display. This makes it sharper and more accurate in terms of colour.

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The Pixelbook weighs about 2.5 pounds, which makes it a very portable device for being so big. Because the laptop is so light, it is a great choice for people who have to move around a lot but always need to have their computers with them.

Also, the Pixelbook comes with two USB Type-C connectors, which draw a lot of power from the device’s edges. The device has a headphone jack on the left side. This is part of how the device is made.

Performance of the Google Pixelbook 12

For a laptop to be high-quality, it needs to be durable, have reliable specs, great features, and be affordable. Without the right specs, there is no way to justify the high price of the Pixelbook. Google hasn’t let us down in this way, which is good news. Here’s a quick look at what specifications this 12-inch Google Pixelbook has to offer.

We thought that a Chromebook couldn’t have good specs that would make it run smoothly, base on earlier versions. With the release of the Google Pixelbook 12in, we now have access to a powerful Chromebook, which is important to know. It’s no secret that the Pixelbook can cut through anything like a knife through butter. This is because the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors on the market today are so powerful.

Note, though, that these are the ultra-low-power Core m processors, which are more like the older Core m processors than the newer CPUs use in high-end laptops today, which use a lot more power. Users can add up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of NVMe storage to their laptops to improve immersion and performance.

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This Pixelbook is power by a Core i5 processor that runs at 1.2GHz and can be boost to 3.3GHz

Making it a good processor. In contrast, the Core i7 can run at 1.3GHz and go up to 3.6GHz, while the Core i5 can only run at 1.1GHz. A Pixelbook can have 8GB or 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD storage, so it can handle a lot of RAM and storage.

Even though the Google Pixelbook might not have the best specs, it is a very fast laptop with about 8GB of RAM and a Core i5–7Y57 processor. The Pixelbook’s performance isn’t as good as the Pixelbook Plus’s. Even though it’s not the most powerful, it works well enough to run Android apps without any lag. Before the Google Pixelbook came out, people thought that Chromebooks could only have screens with a 1080p resolution. One of the most impressive things about the Pixelbook is its bright and clear screen. This feature has a resolution of 2400*16000 pixels, which shows that users shouldn’t settle for less than the best when it comes to their screens.

The Pixelbook also has a screen that covers 117 percent of the sRGB spectrum. This makes the screen bright and colourful, so 4K movies on YouTube look as real and clear as possible.

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Battery for a 12-inch Google Pixelbook

Once fully charged, the device can run for up to 10 hours thanks to a 41-watt Li-ion battery. Also, it charges quickly, so you can use it for 2 hours after plugging it in for only 15 minutes. The 12-inch Google Pixelbook has a number of sensors that make life easier, such as a light sensor, hall sensor, magnetometer, and accelerometer.

Google Pixelbook Audio

One of the Pixelbook’s flaws was that it didn’t have very good sound.

There’s no doubt that the Pixelbook can be very loud when you want it to be. If you really want it to, it can be loud enough to be heard in a huge auditorium. On the other hand, the sound is not clear and lacks bass.

Your favourite song’s singing and drumming would be loud and clear enough for you to hear them. However, the bass would lose its subtle undertones. Most people listen to music on their computers with a third-party device like a headphone, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Most people listen to music on their computers with a third-party device like a headphone.