Acer Predator 17 G9-793 review — a more refined and advanced successor of the Predator lineup

Acer Predator 17 G9-793


Acer Predator 17 G9-793 third version of its high-end 17 inch gaming series, is now available. The Predator 17 G9-791 was the first version. It had some weaknesses that Acer addressed with its successor G9-792. Acer improved Turbo utilization and reduced the noise level. The chassis was still massive, the GPU was still slow under extreme loads, and access to the hardware was limited.

The majority of our experience using this Predator 17 was largely the same as last year’s model, but this time the 4K display is finally logical to an degree. With the latest GTX 1070 running the show gaming on the stunning UHD panel isn’t an gimmick any more. You’ll still need to adjust some settings but with the medium settings, when combine with G-Sync technology integrate within the panels, every gaming scene run smooth and smooth. This is a significant improvement from the previous generation since prior to that it, there was a problem with the Predator seventeen and fifteen did not provide the G-Sync feature. Keep reading to find out more details about this beast.

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The notebook came in the same large black box with which the model before it was deliver. It comes with all the typical user’s manuals, an power adapter, AC adapter using it being the DY502 standard (mostly use for desktops). Within the box there is also the switchable fan module that, in reality, does not enhance the cooling capabilities of the system.

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The overall design is mostly identical, with a few changes on occasion. However, one of the primary design flaws persists and it is the placement of ports. A majority of the ports are on the right (HDMI, DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 RJ-45 connectors for LAN, and USB-C 3.1) which makes it difficult to operate the mouse to the left and especially in cases where space is limit.

However, for the majority of the time we’re still satisfy with the design and build quality with a the keyboard, a comfortable touchpad and a solid construction. The keyboard is one of them it is now equip with a custom RGB backlight that can be set according to your preferences using an app call Predator Sense app. The back of the device which is where the exhaust vents are locate is completely redesign and are now more like the overall design philosophy, with sharp triangles.

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Another key feature both laptops have in common both versions — the older and the current versions of Predator 17 — is the building materials use for the chassis. A matte layer of polycarbonate that is top with 40% of fiberglass under which ensures a more solid construction without adding too much weight to the machine. The result is stunning durability, but the size and weight of the laptop isn’t as impressive. They’re on par with competitors.

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The majority of the upgrade options can be accomplish through the service lid locate on the notebook’s bottom that can be remove quickly. Below it, you’ll discover two M.2 PCIe SSD slots for NVMe, along with the 2.5-inch HDD and two DDR4–2133 RAM slots. The two other RAM slots are on the opposite face of the motherboard. They need to be disassemble completely.

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Options for upgrading storage Options for upgrading storage 2.5-inch HDD 2x M.2 slot

The laptop can support the use of two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs, or two sticks with this SATA interface in an RAID 0 setup. There is one slot that is standard 2280, while the other one is the size 22110 which is difficult to find. It’s a mystery for us to understand why Acer did not include 2 identical M.2 sticks rather than using two different specifications. In any case there’s also a 2.5-inch HDD is also present similar to the original edition of Predator 17.

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Cooling system

The cooling system is unchange, with no significant changes that could affect the performance of cooling. We’re confident that it’ll perform well in our temperature tests , despite the incredible speed of the GTX 1070’s GPU. The cooling fans are compose of thin blades of metal that Acer refers to as AeroBlade.

Most of the pros and downsides of previous Predator 17 versions are present, with slight modifications and substantial hardware advancements. Acer released Predator 17X because. First 13X GTX 1070 is faster than GTX 980 in the new Predator 17. GTX 1070 doesn’t require much cooling. GPU-related Without an iGPU, this year’s model has worse battery life. The base model’s pricing may be less than €2000.

Full HD base model with 2.5-inch HDD, no SSD. What’s new besides the GTX 1070 in the Predator 17? No, that’s not a negative. Great layout and quality. Backlit keyboard, smaller chassis. The Predator 17 is 4.27kg and 4mm lighter (40 millimeters). It’s worth noting that newer models are larger. Right side of ports is congested.