How to Use a Biography in a Dissertation


Writing a dissertation is a very important task for students who are looking forward to Getting their degree on the right time. Types of dissertation writing tasks that are assigned by teachers as a one to see how well the students have learnt and if they are ready to move forward on the basis of skills and knowledge they have required. It is necessary that students understand the types of dissertation writing task that they could be a sign so that they are well prepared to handle them.  สล็อตเว็บใหญ่

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Using a biography in a dissertation can be tough for students as they are not working on some object but rather a subject who was a living person and who has accomplished so much in life. A biography dissertation is assigned by teachers to the students because they want to see if the students have really been able to understand the life and the works of a personality and if they could fit that into a research project. The student should know that writing a biography in a dissertation can be a fun challenge where they get to share the story of somebody’s life with their leaders and tell them about the experiences success and problems that personality faced and how it all came to happen like this.


The first and the most important thing for students to know when they are using biography in a dissertation as that they must be able to use a subject for this because there might be some lemon personalities and they might not be comfortable with somebody writing a biography. Permission is the first thing about a biography if the person is alive because without permission students cannot write another about anyone, but if the subject is no longer alive there is no such requirement.


Looking for primary sources about the subject is the most important way of collecting information about the subject. Primary sources could include book, letters, picture, newspaper, magazines and internet articles, journals, videos, interviews, biographies or even an autobiography by the subject.


As dissertation writing has a bit different format for writing than any other piece of writing, it becomes necessary for students to make sure they use the biography in a dissertation that has been specified by the teacher. The must follow the format for writing the dissertation such as an introduction, main body of discussion and a conclusion in the end. in this manner they can use biography in a dissertation by first introducing the person whom they are writing about, then they can discuss the personality, his or her character as well as characteristics and what set them apart, the reasons for writing a biography as well as how this person has become so famous and even about controversies or good things that person did in his or her life. In the end, they can conclude the paper by telling the readers that the person they are talking about is indeed worth mentioning and how they have put together all the efforts for writing a biography.