Refrigerator Repair Service UAE

Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerator breakdowns with its main causes and remedies. Having described the different problems that fridges can have, let’s look at the different components of a fridge.

When ice forms, the fridge door will not close correctly.

Does your fridge make ice and freeze all food? First, check that the food is not touching the back wall. Does the door close completely? If not, check that nothing is closed. Take this opportunity to check the door gaskets that ensure the door is watertight. It is worth noting that rubber gaskets are an automatic liability, but not the only one. There are other reasons. Incorrect thermostat settings can cause freezing. Set it to the ideal temperature. If your ventilated refrigerator is not equipped with an automatic defrost function, you will need to defrost it manually from time to time.  If it’s still not working properly call our Refrigerator Repair Service in UAEThis is essential if you want your appliances to last longer, as ice build-up leads to excessive energy consumption.

The thermostat that controls the temperature is set incorrectly or is faulty.

Correctly setting the temperature in the fridge will help keep food tastier, longer and retain all the nutrients. The ideal temperature depends on the model of fridge used. For ventilated, mixed and stationary refrigerators, it can vary from 1°C at the top to 4°C at the bottom. However, if the indicated temperature is too lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation, the fridge will consume more power and food will freeze and become inedible.

How do I check the thermostat in my fridge?

Do you want to check whether the thermostat is working and in good condition? Here are the steps to follow.

1- First, check if there is enough space to disassemble the appliance.

2- Next, disassemble and locate the thermostat.

3- Use pliers to remove the thermostat knob and nut.

4- Remove the thermostat housing and photograph the circuit if necessary.

5- Disconnect the cable and carefully remove the thermostat to avoid damaging the sensor.

6- Use the multimeter in ‘continuity test’ mode and connect each terminal to the thermostat terminals. Do you hear a sound? Good news, the thermostat is fully operational. No signal from the multimeter? This indicates that it is worn out.


The rubber gasket on the door is no longer waterproof, is it worn or in the wrong position?

Does the sliding door not close properly, is the gasket cracked or cracked? Not pictured, fridge door gaskets need servicing. Due to the number of times the fridge door is opened, the gasket may have been severely damaged, resulting in a sudden freeze. Check the condition of the joint regularly. If they are out of alignment, put them back in place. If it has come loose, try repairing it with a special adhesive available on the market. If it is too damaged, replacement parts should be supplied.

The door does not close properly: the hinges are badly screwed in or damaged.

Just as furniture with doors will not close properly if the hinges are unscrewed, the same applies to appliances. The hinges actually allow the door to lock and turn. If not adjusted correctly, the door will not close completely. Sometimes a small adjustment can solve the problem. And in the worst case, they have to be replaced.