7 Top App Development Technologies For Startups

Mobile applications become the daily need of users. And that is why there are many app development companies introducing themselves in the industry. The mobile application is used for watching movies, listening to songs, playing games, booking tickets, and maintaining daily tasks.

The app development industry is moving too fast. There is a variety of mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Big enterprises are working to develop apps that are highly functional and help users to get what they want. From basic features to advanced technologies, companies are using innovation.

Mobile app development companies are a plethora of factors to make an app successful. And with this help, you can develop your app development company.

The languages used in the development of applications are complex and really dense. You have to ensure that you are working with the right language to build the app. There are some top app development technologies that you can use to develop your apps as a startup and can move forward.


It is the most-known programming language in the app development world. Phyton can be used to build different kinds of mobile applications. If you are a startup or beginner developer, it will be easy for you to understand the language. Because it is an open-source, dynamic, and high-level object-oriented language. Anyone with basic programming skills can learn phyton to develop a simple mobile application. This language is not only portable but has built-in debuggers to facilitate flawless development.

Although besides all of these, the phyton provides programming supports, frameworks, community supports, and libraries with many different features. It helps in smooth and quick development in less time.


Java is a known programming language, and it doesn’t matter if you are a developer or not, you might have heard about it. The language is also object-oriented. The benefit of using the programming language is that it is the official language for building the application for Android and provides high security, and is easy to handle. The language offers profuse libraries, community support, and documentation that helps build different types of applications more effectively and smoothly.


Flutter is officially developed by Google, and it is also an open-source mobile application SDK. The soft development kit facilitates the developer to build apps that are cross-platform. And you can use Flutter to make an application that is smooth to run on both iPhone and Android. The technology is highly in demand because users prefer cross-platform apps over native ones that only run on a single platform.

Flutter uses Dart as the programming language to develop native interfaces. Also, it relieves the developers to write the whole code from the start to make a single app for both platforms.

React Native

React Native is developed by Facebook. The open-source framework is also used to build cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, web, and UWP. The apps that are built by using React Native have capabilities like native apps but can run on different platforms. The developers are using ReactJS and JavaScript to build apps that witness success on multiple platforms.


Swift is a general-purpose programming language. it is developed by Apple inc. for macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, iPad, and a few other platforms. The language avidly works with Cocoa and the Cocoa Touch frameworks and C and Objective codes that are written exclusively to build the iOS apps. Swift uses a secure programming pattern and provides an exceptional feature to make the complete iOS mobile app development process simple.

R programming

The language is perfect for machine learning and data analysis. Apart from this, the language is best for general purposes of computing and graphics. This is a platform independent of languages and comes with huge built-in libraries and frameworks to facilitate an easy, flawless, and effortless development of the mobile application.


This programming language is used for developing highly advanced mobile applications. You can consider the cross-platform statistically typed and general-purpose programming language as the modern version of Java.

Kotlin incorporates Java completely, as it was designed Only for JVM at first. Kotlin is the perfect choice to create an app with safety and clarity, a large tool that supports features.


Although, the development of applications for both Android and iOS is a bit critical and hard. There are a lot of complexities and technologies in app development, but there is nothing a developer cannot do. You have to ensure that as a developer, you have enough knowledge about the app development process and languages. It is the most crucial part for any app developer.

And especially if you want to develop a startup, the need to know everything about eh app development increases ten folds. Study the industry very well to stay and grow yourself.