The planning of a birthday celebration for your child isn’t easy and may be overwhelming, especially with everything else that you are already working on.

This is why I’ve put together the ultimate guide for organizing a birthday party for your child to make the planning and preparation process as easy as it can be for you.

This guide will guide you step-by step through the various elements you’ll need to take care of in order to throw a truly productive celebration that your children will enjoy.

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I’ve also listed all the children’s party planning tips I’ve learned over the past twelve years planning kid’s birthday parties.


Here’s a brief list of all the various aspects you be required to include when making the birthday party for your kids.

  • Create the budget
  • Think about a joint-party
  • Create a the guest list of guests
  • Determine the date and time.
  • Select a the theme for your party
  • Find a the venue If you are not planning to have a an event at your home
  • Book entertainer/entertainment
  • Send invitations
  • Cakes for birthdays can be ordered
  • Create activities/games for the party.
  • Decorations for the Source party
  • Make plans and purchase bags for your party or favors
  • Food for the party should be planned.
  • of the party checklist. of party Checklist
  • Birthday present manners

Then, continue reading for details on each step in this sequence, along with suggestions and tips regarding the best way to make your plans.

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It may sound evident, but it’s incredibly easy to let costs get out of control when planning a celebration.

It’s easy to buy a lot of extravagant decorations or spend huge sums on bags for parties.

Also, work out your total budget and then stick to it.

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One thing worth pondering is whether or not to host a joint birthday party with a child.

Your child is likely to be sharing the spotlight however, there are advantages of having a party with a group in particular in the event that the guest lists are going to be similar or identical. Here are a few benefits of having the event in a group:

  • Reduce stress – the burden is to be shared…
  • Price reduction …. practically 50% savings If you’re lucky!
  • Reduced time – there’s 2 of you involved, so you could hope to reduce the workload by half.

Make sure you’re “party” in sync with the person you are planning to host the joint event with.

It’s not a good idea to burden your self with an extravagant party spending spree when you’ll need to adhere to a strict budget.

There is also no sense in strapping yourself in one of those penny pinchers until your guests are eating an ice cream sandwich while watching paint attempt for fun.

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At the age of three, many children be making their own group of friends in preschool/preschool or in a child minders.

It’s worth checking in with the school or nursery to discover who their classmates are.

Another point to take into consideration is that, from preschool onwards, until the age of 7 or 8 years old, a number of parents prefer inviting the entire class to a celebration. This is a method to ensure that there is no kid left out.

However, it’s not a requirement to do this So if you’re worried about finances or don’t wish to have more than a couple of kids, you do not need to.

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After a child is a little older, the amount of kids is likely to decrease to their closest friends group.

Don’t bring the entire class and simply leave some kids out It’s not worth the stress of a school gate and it’s not the most considerate of choices.

Don’t think you need to invite a child simply because your child attended their party, particularly in the event that they had an abundance of guests, and you’re planning a smaller party.

If you’re only inviting a few children to your party, it’s worth having a private conversation with your child about that it’s not advisable to discuss the event before children who haven’t been invited.


If you’re smart, you can make timing and date of the event benefit you. Here are some ideas about things you should be contemplating when you are deciding on the date and time of the child’s party.


  • Sunday evening parties allow an opportunity to plan ahead.
  • Saturday night parties allow you to have more time to recuperate.
  • After school events mean that you can enjoy your weekend.


Birthday parties for kids on weekends always began at 3pm back in the day.

However, there’s now a greater possibility of when to throw parties.

Morning tea parties are a good idea particularly for children who are younger.

  • Younger children don’t get as tired and will be more docile.
  • The party can be completed and done, and then take the rest of the day to unwind

It’s also worthwhile to consider an event that is in between meals so that you don’t have to cook food for all the guests at the time of the event.

This strategy helps to keep costs down and can also help you avoid the hassle of serving food, then dumping it off the table when a gaggle of excited youngsters do nothing more than take a bite! !

C. Determine the length of the party will last.

Two hours is an ideal amount of time to host an event for kids regardless of age the children are.

This allows everyone to arrive at the party and have time to enjoy some games, entertainment and the serving of food for the party.


A lot of families will be away , or have plans for holidays, holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as during school breaks.

You can’t alter the date on which your child’s birthday falls however it could be worth waiting for a couple of weeks to have a more extensive guest list – unless the smaller number of guests works for you!


If you’re planning a celebration for toddlers, it is important to take into consideration that a lot of two and three-year-olds have naps in the afternoon.

While you cannot be sure of every nap-time, scheduling the event outside of regular nap times means you’re more likely to get an abundance of guests, and happy kids.

5. Theme of the Party

I’ll bring you back to my party planning tips I mentioned at the top of this blog…


The only method to remain sane without a paid party organizer.

Another tip is to offer only party themes you know you are able to deliver on. Therefore, I strongly recommend you not, in fact don’t ask your child , ‘what theme do you want to have?’


There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing the location for your celebration. There are benefits to hosting the event at home as well as benefits of hiring an event location.

What you like this year may not be the same next year So take some time to consider what you want from a location for your celebration.

Here are some points to consider prior to deciding where to host your celebration:

a. Select A REAL VENUE

One of the best ways to minimize stress during the actual celebration is to select an event that is covered by all practicalities.

I’ve put together an article that includes more than 50 ideas of venues. This is a general list, however most towns, cities and villages have some of these venues.

Things to keep an eye out for when choosing a location are:

  • Easy access to the venue for guests of all ages
  • Easy access to venue
  • Parking is convenient.
  • Room for buggies left
  • If there is a kitchen area in case it is required
  • How long in advance are able to access the venue in order to setup the event
  • If you have to share the venue or part of the venue with another