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Liposuction Cannula

Surgical Equipment for Liposuction Procedures

In addition to tumescent pumps, liposuction infusion pumps, and infiltration pumps, Millennium Surgical also has a comprehensive selection of Liposuction Cannula and infiltration needles.

You will be able to locate instruments of high quality here, such as cannulas, handles, and other attachments. We stock the most popular designs of aspiration cannulas and offer customization services for any cannula.

  • Consider Byron, Mentor, Wells Johnson, and Tulip as comparisons.
  • Instructions for Placing an Order for Custom Liposuction Cannulas
  • Get in touch with one of our Instrument Specialists via our website, over the phone, or by email.
  • Please provide the following details for each of the parameters:
  • To the Point (see suggestions or design your own)
  • Diameter in millimeters
  • The length, expressed in millimeters (length does not include handle)
  • The style of the handle (one piece, two parts, or Toomey syringe)
  • Please download and fill out our PDF order form for Custom Surgical Instruments.

Liposuction Surgical Instrument Best Sellers

Your requirements for liposuction instruments, equipment, and accessories can be met by Millennium Surgical, which carries a comprehensive selection of these items. We can provide a reference for any catalog number from any instrument manufacturer, in addition to the best-selling items listed below. You can locate what you are looking for by making use of the search tool or by having a conversation with one of our Instrument Specialists either online, over the phone, or via email.

Our Service PLUS Guarantee ensures that both you and your surgeons will be pleased with the products that you purchase from us, and we are proud of the reputation that we have earned as a supplier of high-quality instruments.

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