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IELTS Training Course in Dubai

How Can Your IELTS Score Help You?

The IELTS assessment is identical in terms of content, analysis, test structure, and degree of scoring evaluation whether you’re looking for a study, work, or a visa.

There is no time or frequency restriction on retaking it if your results are unsatisfactory. Before you can succeed on the IELTS Training Course in Dubai, you must put in a lot of time and practice.


You can apply for a student VISA to study in undergraduate and graduate programs in nations like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. with a strong IELTS score. To select highly regarded universities abroad, a student should strive for a high IELTS score.


For candidates looking for professional registration overseas to work in the best workspaces abroad, the IELTS test is a requirement. IELTS is accepted by plenty of associates, companies, and organizations for professionals.

Immigration (PR)

To apply for a PR (Permanent Visa) to live and work abroad, you must have a certain IELTS score. IELTS scores are required to immigrate to nations including Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

For only AED 550, receive unlimited IELTS coaching!

Up until the exam date, attend the IELTS class sessions.

Why Do People Pick Focus Institute in Sharjah?

With a high success achievement rate, Focus Institute is the fastest-emerging leader in test preparation.

We have extensive expertise in offering top-notch IELTS training in the UAE and have successfully aided thousands of students in achieving their desired IELTS score band.

Our instruction can guarantee that pupils receive the finest possible preparation.

Most non-native speaker test-takers, according to Focus Institute’s analysis, find working with us to enhance their Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking to be very effective if they have little time left to prepare for IELTS tutoring in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

We offer thorough IELTS instruction from knowledgeable staff only for bands with high scores.

Focus Institute focuses on providing test preparation, career guidance, and overseas education planning advice to professionals and students.

Thousands of students from India and other South Asian countries have been enrolled by us at universities throughout the world.

We have been recognizing success in the student community for the past six years in a row, and we are happy to introduce ourselves as one of the top IELTS coaching facilities in the UAE.

We are an authorized center for IELTS exam registration!

What Our Students Say About Our Key Characteristics

Effective Study Resources Expertly and successfully produced, those contain elaborate concepts using various techniques.

Excellent Classrooms Infrastructure: Air-conditioned classrooms and a welcoming learning environment.

seasoned teachers: Strategic training from instructors with extensive experience in the field that is success-oriented.

Flexible Batches: Pick the time that works best for you without changing your daily schedule, and we also keep the number of students in each batch to a reasonable number.

Tips and Techniques: To pass the IELTS exam without difficulty, our specialists will assist you in learning each module with a strategic approach and fine-tuning your weaker areas.

Learning Concepts: Subject matter experts thoroughly go through each component of the four modules and make every effort to raise students’ score bands.

Practice without time restrictions during an infinite number of sessions with a professional instructor.

Personalized Training: Students can take advantage of our specialists’ one-on-one training services, which are the most efficient way to educate and clear up any doubts.

Course Validity: The course lasts 45 days, but we provide it a six-month validity period, so the applicant can retake it if they’re not confident enough to take the IELTS test.

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IELTS Test Format

In under three hours, the IELTS test evaluates your skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

IELTS comes in two flavors: Academic and General Training. Out of these two types, Speaking and Listening are identical on both exams, however, the Reading and Writing topics vary depending on which test you take.

All IELTS exams end at about the same time, with no gaps between the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections.

However, the speaking portion can be finished up to a week earlier or after the other examinations. The testing facility will advise.

The exact test duration is two hours and forty-five minutes.

How is the IELTS test graded?

On a scale from 0 to 9, the IELTS scores are all reported. Although each university has a specific IELTS band score requirement for applicants, most colleges prefer a band score of at least 6. Along with the overall result, which is the average of all the “raw scores,” test takers also receive a score for each module (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), known as the “raw score”. Find out the English proficiency level for each band score.

A Test Report Form (TRF) and your IELTS score will be mailed to you, respectively. You can request up to five more TRFs, which will be sent at no additional cost, to send to the colleges of your choice. You will be charged for each additional copy you request in addition to those.

It is therefore wiser to confirm that your IELTS score satisfies the requirements of the university you are applying to, as TRF will not be lost if your score doesn’t exceed those standards. In order to send their IELTS scores to the colleges, test takers can do so in one of two ways: either they can do so when registering online, or they can fill up a list of five universities and submit it to the local test center.