GAN 356RS – A Stickerless 3×3 Speed Cube

3x3 Speed

The GAN 356RS is a stickerless 3×3 speed cube. It was originally called the gan cube 3×3, but it was renamed because it broke two records before it even shipped out. This cube is much faster than the popular UM, and it is much cheaper too. If you’re looking for a new cube, it’s definitely worth checking out the GAN 356RS.

It’s the most expensive non-limited edition cube ever released

GAN’s flagship cube is known for being stable and precise, but is also fast and fun to solve. With its adjustable magnets and six tension levels, it allows you to customize the strength of your magnets. It also comes with a solver, which means you can compete with other cubers from around the world.

Unlike previous models, the new Gan cube features a new and improved design. In addition to having a larger internal piece, it also has full motion tracking. These changes allow you to achieve smoother, more precise turns.

Another improvement is the dual adjustment system. This allows you to adjust the tension of each of the three magnets. You can use one magnet to change the strength of a corner, or you can use them all at once.

It’s softer and faster than the UM

If you are looking for a cube that is fast, smooth, and softer than the UM, you may want to consider the GAN 356 Air SM. This new 3×3 is designed with a honeycomb pattern on the edges to hold in lubrication. It also has four spring colors to choose from, which give the puzzle a bit of personality.

GAN has been at the forefront of speedcube innovation. They are able to customize their magnets with a system that allows users to change their magnet strength in just 30 seconds.

GAN’s Honeycomb v2 Cube presentation was the first to use a honeycomb pattern for the contact surfaces. This is meant to hold in lube and allow silicon to be evenly distributed when lubricating the cube. The new design has been improved upon in the latest GAN models.

It’s cheaper than the UM

If you’re considering a new GAN cube, there are a few things you should know about them. For starters, they’re expensive. They only come in seven colours. However, if you want to change the colour scheme of your cube, it’s a bit of a hassle.

As for the features, the honeycomb design gives the puzzle a nice smooth feel. It’s also the first time that a honeycomb-design cube has been released.

Aside from the unique design, GAN has a magnetic system that allows you to adjust the strength of the magnets in the corners. This means that you can use a softer magnet or a stronger one.

The other feature that a lot of people like about these puzzles is the GES nuts. These are interchangeable capsules that are used for the corner-edge magnets. You can switch out a nut to make a corresponding change in the magnets’ strength.

It’s a speedcube

A speedcube is a cube that is used for speedcubing. It is made up of layers that move at a rate of between five and ten moves per second. These moves are controlled by the tensions between the layers.

The best speedcubes come from manufacturers like MoYu, QiYi, and Gan. Some of these brands also make stickerless versions of their speedcubes. You can also buy a speedcube from various shops on the internet. But, you have to take into consideration that the quality of the cubes may vary from brand to brand. So, you will have to decide which one you want.

The MoYu WR M is one of the most popular speedcubes. This model is 55mm in size and weighs 75 grams.

It’s a puzzle brand

Gan, or Gan Cube, is a puzzle brand from China. The company was founded by Ganyuan Jiang, a professional speedcuber who holds a national 3×3 speedsolving record. He was also the first Chinese to break a 3×3 world record.

Gan Cubes are made with high quality and excellent performance. They are fast, stable, and precise. There are numerous accessories available for them.

The GAN Cube is made with a unique magnetic core. It allows the user to adjust the strength of magnets in different corners. This gives the user an incredible experience of speed cubing.

Another new puzzle by Gan is the WeiLong GTS model 3. It brings a dual adjustment system. This allows the solver to increase or decrease tension on the adjusting screws.