Volkswagen servicing Most Common Problems in Dubai

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Volkswagen servicing is a name that many people know. Volkswagen was founded in 1937. The company began producing automobiles at a time when cars were considered expensive and were only available to the wealthy, regardless of the fact that Volkswagen servicing is “people’s car”.

Volkswagen is a Dubai car maker and is among the biggest worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have any issues that are common as other car makers.

Volkswagen has been recognized with numerous awards for its safety and design, and is clearly far ahead of the pack in terms of safety features. They’ve been adding safety features to their vehicles even when it was not required by law. They have a huge following for young, new drivers who are just beginning to learn how to drive. They have a range of safety features digitally that are built into the vehicles to enhance handling and provide more fun rides.

Over time, Volkswagen experienced their own problems with their vehicles that had to be dealt with. We’ve listed a few of the most frequently requested repair and defect issues Volkswagen owners have experienced. Each car and truck has flaws and there’s no anything that can be described as a “perfect” vehicle. This list is not meant to stop the purchase of any particular manufacturer, this list is just to ensure that you’re aware of something unexpected happens.

The likelihood of encountering some of these issues are extremely unlikely, but there are a few that could show through the life that your car is in, depending on the conditions you drive under and when you don’t adhere to your maintenance schedule.

The Check Engine Light:

There are many factors that could cause an engine check light turn on which can be irritating. The check engine light flashing doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your engine, but it could mean that something is wrong and must be taken care of. Perhaps, it’s an issue with the fuel cap, which is a frequent Volkswagen problem. If the engine light turns on, it’s not a sign that there is a serious issue but it is important to take it to the mechanic for a check-up.

Remember that your vehicle will not be inspected in the event that this light is illuminated and you’ll not be able to tell whether it’s an issue until your mechanic has a look at the issue. Certain Volkswagen cars will show the light on, even though the car has low mileage. It could be due to an issue with the software or the sensor may not be functioning properly.

A Timing Belt Defect:

This could be the cause of the problem. In the end the timing belt needs to be replaced, it’s inevitable. It’s an absolute pain the possibility of it becoming defective too early. If the timing belt is damaged, it could cause severe engine issues.

Volkswagen stated that their timing belts are made to last approximately 120,000 miles. There have been reports of certain cars from the latter part of 2000 that they are experiencing timing belt problems that are too fast. Some have failed after only 20,000 miles. However, it is more likely to happen with certain models that use particular engines. This could be a serious issue, so you should be aware of this when you notice that the engine check light turns up and it’s your timing belt.

Oil Problems:

Every car needs oil changes every few months, and this should not be a surprise. Volkswagen however, however was plagued by problems with its automobiles in the early 2000s. The cars were developing nasty oil accumulations much sooner than was anticipated. Engine problems were reported after 70,000 miles if oil wasn’t changed regularly. Since the time, Volkswagen has corrected this problem, but you must continue to have your oil changed frequently to prolong the life of your car. If you change your oil every 4,000-5,000 miles, you won’t see a build-up of gunk, which can cause damage to the engine.

Wire Harness Shorts:

The issue can be connected to the Jetta from the year 2006. Jetta. Since this was a well-known version, Volkswagen ended up with an image of malfunctioning electronics in their cars, even though the problem was completely associated with the Jetta. The wiring harness would cut out about 100,000 miles. Remember, the car’s electronics must be inspected with your technician. This is particularly important in the event that your vehicle is near the six-digit mark for mileage, Volkswagen servicing.

The Airbag Malfunction Light:

At 100,000 miles, it is a prime time to have issues in the field of electronic components. Like checking engine lights this could be very annoying as the light that is malfunctioning tells you that there’s an issue with your airbag and you should visit your mechanic and get it examined. It’s safer to stay in the safest possible position. One last factor you want is to believe it’s an issue with the sensor, only to you find yourself with an airbag that’s deployed!

Coil Failure:

Certain Volkswagen models may suffer from coil failures at around 70,000 miles. A damaged coil could cause ignition issues and engine problems. It could cause problems with fuel efficiency, backfiring and the engine may stop. It’s a good idea to bring the vehicle to a mechanic if you suspect it’s an issue with the coil. As with other car problems it is important to tackle the small issues before they turn into bigger issues.

Strange Noises:

Volkswagen like all vehicles, is prone to making loud clunking sounds in front of vehicles that have front-wheel drive. It is possible that the top of the suspension mount could be damaged, causing the noise that clunks when you turn. If the springs in the rear start degrading, they can create an unsettling sound that can be heard in the rear part of the car. It can be obvious when you drive through bumps. If you notice a rattling sound from the middle of your car It’s likely to be a problem in the muffler bracket that is located mid-section.


There’s no doubt Volkswagen makes some great vehicles and is always a popular choice. There are times when problems can occur and, if they do, you have to resolve the issue by a professional mechanic to get your vehicle back in good working order. There is no need to be in a rush however, ensuring you are doing your routine maintenance will allow you to avoid the cost of major repairs later on. Always bring your car to a professional you trust.

We’re dedicated to giving you the highest level of service at a low cost. If your Volkswagen needs to be checked, repaired or Audi maintenance, or even an MOT, fill out our simple quote form, which is free of obligation to request an estimate.