How to Activate SonyLIV on Smart TV | SonyLIV. Com/Activate Enter Code

Here’s how to activate Sony LIV on your smart TV using – SonyLiv’s channel for your smart TV can be activated by entering a code. The input code is a four-digit number which is used to gain access to Sonyliv. It’s an absolute pleasure to talk to others. Log into your sonyliv.comdeviceactivate , and then learn how to make use of it.


You can transform your SonyLIV to an intelligent TV or Android device by reading the article below. Sony Liv Premium allows you to stream Hollywood film, English movies, live TV, live sports along with Internet Originals HD without interruptions. is the most convenient place to sign to sign up for Sony Live on desktops and mobile devices.

What is Sony Liv?

It is estimated that there are millions people across the globe using Sony Liv because it offers an array of TV shows as well as live sports streams. It has also been gaining a lot of attention due to the fact that Sony Liv offers a variety of shows at no cost, and when you’re looking to stream any other content you can also join the premium version. Through the application it is possible to download and travel for no cost and also subscribe to exclusive content, and not be distracted by advertisements. A free premium subscription with numerous offers is provided by Sony liv.

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The Sonyliv live sports streaming service, which is its primary focus. There are a variety of sports accessible through the application, like American basketball, football, and wrestling. Additionally, European sports, such as cricket matches, European qualifications, etc. can be broadcast via the application.

In addition, Sony liv provides many other items, like dramas which are in high demand today as well as popular series. There are also numerous TV shows that are available on Sony live.

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How to Activate SonyLIV on Smart TV | SonyLIV. Com/Activate Enter Code

With the SonyLiv application that is installed in your Android Smart TV or TV stick, you are able to watch Sony television shows and films. It’s all you need is a Google account as well as a reliable internet connection. Below are the steps to follow in order to install the program.

  • When you turn on your Android Smart TV, locate the Google Play Store app. It will appear on the home screen.
  • Next, enter SonyLiv into it. After that, you’ll connect to SonyLiv Playstore. Click Install Now.
  • After that, you can open the app and sign in. If you register to the app for your first time you’ll be required to enter your mobile number.
  • It’s also likely that you’ll be asked for a different password to log in. It is necessary to sign-in using your mobile number that came along with the SonyLiv subscription.
  • After you have successfully signed in You will be given the option of selecting the subscription plan.
  • After you’ve chosen the best plan for you and you’re ready to watch your favorite sports and shows using the Android Smart TV using the SonyLiv application.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to quickly install and activate SonyLiv onto the Android television stick, or even smart TV.

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How can I stream SonyLIV to Sony LIV Android Devices?

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Search icon.
  • The SonyLIV app can be found. application by searching for it.
  • Select the app.
  • Choose the option Install.
  • Open the SonyLIV application.
  • Choose”Sign-in” from the options.
  • On the TV’s screen You should now have the activation number.
  • You’ll need to copy your activation number.
  • You can visit by using a web browser on a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Now, you’ll need to fill in your email address and phone number that is associated to your account.
  • Select Continue.

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Steps To Activate the SonyLiv app on Apple TV:

It’s similar to that of Android TV installation and activation procedure that was previously described for the application SonyLIV. Here are the steps we have to follow.

  • Visit the Apple TV’s home screen, and then select Applications.
  • Then, click on the Download button in”Entertainment” for downloading SonyLiv.
  • After you have installed SonyLIV, you are able to sign in with your login credentials.
  • After you have selected your preferred subscription After that, you’ll see the Activation menu. You have to sign in successfully to continue. The next step is to generate you will need to generate a SonyLiv activation code needs to be created.
  • Use the Apple TV keyboard, enter this and then confirm.
  • To log into SonyLIV on your mobile or laptop, visit this SonyLIV website. You can verify your account on TV after you have successfully signed in using your drop-down menu.
  • Apple TV can also be utilized to broadcast the content of apps when you’re using the iPad as well as an iPhone.

SonyLiv will be installed and activated in the Apple TV if you follow these steps.

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Steps to Googlecast the SonyLiv app to the Smart TV you own:

With the SonyLiv application, you are able to also stream and cast content from any device that is compatible with Chromecast. To achieve this, follow these steps.

  • After you have accessed the home page of Chromecast, click Settings. Once you’ve verified that your Chromecast device and your phone are both connected to an identical WiFi connection, you will be able to customize you Chromecast device.
  • On the Google Play Store, download the SonyLiv app for your smartphone.
  • Now, click Cast Screen in the Google Home app.
  • Make sure you’re Chromecast device is chosen from the list of devices that are compatible.
  • After successfully connecting devices, you can launch after connecting the devices, launch the SonyLiv app on your smartphone.
  • With the new Chromecast-compatible devices, you can watch videos or live shows from Sony LIV on your TV.


So, that’s how to activate SonyLIV on your smart TV using We hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. In case you need assistance write a comment below and let us know.