Google Pixelbook 12in – The most powerful Chromebook ever?

A thousand dollars for an Chromebook may have seemed like a bit expensive at the time of the release for the Google Pixelbook 12in . However, it’s been years since that time, and we’ve wanted to know that Pixelbook is worth the price it has today. Google Pixelbook packs hardware that has endured the tests of time. From high-end processing power to a stunning display that could also be used as tablet. The Pixelbook 12in doesn’t do well in all areas. It has a mediocre battery inside the strong Pixelbook that can charge quickly.


  • 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor or i7 processor
  • 8GB or 16GB of RAM
  • 128GB SSD, 256GB SSD, or 512GB NVMe
  • 12.3-inch LCD touchscreen
  • 2,400×1,600-pixel resolution
  • Two USB-C ports that can charge fast.
  • Headphone jack
  • Front-facing camera with 720p resolution
  • Four microphones
  • Two speakers
  • Bluetooth 4.2

With regards to the style I’m not sure Chromebooks have ever looked so nice in a long time. From metallic finishes to hand rests made of rubber and more, the Pixelbook is everything you’d want to see a high-end item look like. With a stunning design, it comes with excellent software. Pixelbook is compatible with Android apps right from the start for a true 360-degree experience. The device is designed for people who need an ultra-modern laptop that functions as a tablet too and is equipped to handle any jobs that come its way. In the end, we think that the Pixelbook 12in is worth its price.

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Google Will Assist You

One of the things that makes Google Pixelbook 12in unique is the way it approaches Google Assistant. It’s like it was made to push Google Assistant, and it generally succeeds in doing so.

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A button in the lower left side will open Google Assistant. Google Assistant. You can type in what you’d like to look up and it will find it for you. There’s also the ability to make a call to Google Assistant by calling “Hello Google”, which could prove to be the best method for a lot of people since it’s quite natural following many years of Android smartphones.

The Google Pixelbook 12in Pen

Google Pixelbook 12in features unique stylus thanks to the built-in function. Its Google Pixelbook Pen has a special button that is to use with Google Assistant, more on this later.

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Concerning the Pixelbook Pen’s build quality, we did not detect any issues. Indeed, that it is among the finest-feeling styluses I’ve had the pleasure of using. This Pixelbook Pen is comfortable in the hand and I really enjoyed using it on the touchscreen. I had no problems writing or drawing using it.

Since it’s equipped with AAAA battery, it won’t need to recharge it. The battery is designed to last about a year, and many people claim that it will last for a year.

In terms of specifications it includes:

  • 10ms latency
  • 60deg angular awareness
  • Over 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity

We are now at your Google Assistant button. Press it one time and you circle an image Google Assistant will search it for you. This is a great feature that needs some tweaking to make flawless. Because the results could be uneven.

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As with images, you can also look up phrases and words. However, based on our experience this function needs a lot of work to make it practical.

If you’re considering Google Pixelbook 12in, just be aware that you do not have the right slot to hold your pen. It requires an extra pen holder which can add to the price. Samsung’s Chromebook Pro, on the contrary, comes with an integrated stylus that I am now more grateful for.

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Chrome OS That Works Offline

Google Pixelbook 12in might offer the most impressive Chrome OS experience yet. One of the main reasons is the offline function.

But however, the Chrome OS running on the Pixelbook isn’t as good as Windows as well as Mac OS, especially in the offline area. It compensates for this shortcoming by the addition of Google Play Store to the mix. It lets you quickly download and play thousands upon thousands of Android apps.

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This convenience, however, poses an increased risk to security for the previously safe Chrome OS. Android apps have been recognized to be a security risk which is why having them installed on your Pixelbook isn’t a good idea in the first place. At least, it could be, except for the distinct working space that is exclusively for Android apps. However, we’d recommend being cautious on downloading any apps downloaded from Google Store.

If you’re running a resource-intensive Android game on the Pixelbook We’re certain it’ll be an enjoyable journey. The Pixelbook is powerful and has the graphics that will support it.

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Pixelbook is quite slim, at about 10mm, for a device of this power. We’d love to find imperfections in the design but we’ll have look really hard. The laptop weighs less than 2 pounds and features a sleek glass back. Despite its high-performance processor it is Pixelbook is not fan-powered. It’s evident in the appearance.

It’s not just the design, but also the aesthetics that the Pixelbook is knocking off the mark. The Pixelbook 12in comes with an convertible design that can be used in two configurations, tablet and laptop.

Despite its small and delicate appearance the Pixelbook 12in sports an extremely durable body that can be able to withstand drops as low as only a few inches.

On the keyboard of Pixelbook has a backlit keyboard with an easy click with 0.8mm keyboard travel. The large touchpad is equipped with two silicone pads to place the hands. In relation to your keyboard there are many specific keys that allow it possible to make the Chrome OS user experience just slightly easier to access. For instance, on the left-hand side there is an option that opens the menu system. The menu contains all the controls for volume to the Wi-Fi network


Great Performance

We’ve covered design aspects thoroughly; how about the how the Google Pixelbook 12in?

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We are able to say with certainty that it’s the most robust Chromebook available. From its processing capabilities to how it distributes and manages the tasks. The the Google Pixelbook 12in sits as good as the best laptops with regards to performance. It can handle any everyday job without having to worry about the lag.

We tried it at various performance levels and found it did get hot slightly, as is to be expected of an air-cooled design. However, it didn’t slow down in any way.

The Pixelbook 12in, the entry-level model of Google’s Pixelbook, comes with 128GB of storage. This more storage capacity, compared to any other Chromebook offers greater flexibility and improved offline performance.

Amazing Display

Pixelbook is a great device that exceeds what we expected in the display segment, similar to Asus 2 in 1 Q535. The days of 1080p display resolutions, Google Pixelbook shatters those displays with its 2400 x 1200 pixels. It is clear to observe every detail of 4K videos and experience the most enjoyable viewing experience using various angles. A resolution resolution of 235 pixels per inch makes sure that every word, every single dot is visible and visible to provide a stunning viewing experience.

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The color correction of this screen is also excellent. Perhaps this was because of the demand to make two displays in one, or just the abundant supply of options and options, but Google Pixelbook is the best. Google Pixelbook is the best display, and there is no Chromebook comparable to it.

The display is also extremely bright, reaching 421 nits when we tested it. The bright display is perfect for the vivid display, with large viewing angles.

Comfortable Touch

Touchscreens deserve their own section due to how fantastic this experience is. The vibrant screen responded to my finger and functioned just as you would expect from tablets. But, is it superior to the other tablet models?

I’m not going to give an opinion on this but I will say this with certainty you’ll need to look carefully for an hybrid screen with the same amount of brightness and responsiveness.

I watched several videos on this screen however, I didn’t get an enjoyable experience, mostly because the speakers did not perform as I expected. The volume was small however the clarity was decent.

Battery Life

Google Pixelbook 12in has a battery lifespan of 10 hours with just one charge. It’s at least how it’s claimed. We tested it, and the Pixelbook was able to last for about 7 hours of moderate use.

In terms of charge, the gadget can support rapid charging. A 15-minute charge can prolong the battery’s life by more than an hours, and is less than the two-hour time frame advertised.

Disappointing Webcam

I was a bit disappointed with the webcam on this incredible device. The Pixelbook comes with an 0.9 Megapixel webcam, which is far less than what the competition offers. Be aware that the Pixelbook 12in is also a tablet, and therefore having a camera that isn’t up to par isn’t a good idea from a user standpoint.

A Chromebook That’s More

Google Pixelbook 12in is the Chromebook to look out for. Its stylish design, top performance, and an upgraded Chrome user experience.

All of this is priced that is significantly higher that other Chromebooks.

For people who are online and using their computers to watch movies and TV shows, The Google Pixelbook 12in an excellent option. The extended support for Android applications makes it more attractive to users of all ages.

The price, however, should be taken in consideration before suggesting the Pixelbook. It’s an excellent device for everyday use However, the price suggests something else. You can get better machines at the same amount and that’s why it’s worth it.

If you’re in looking for a special experience that lives up to the promise of its creator, Google Pixelbook 12in is ideal for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Array of Android App
  • Fantastic keyboard
  • Smooth stylus that works with Google Assistant
  • Bright display
  • Excellent performance
  • Wide viewing angles
  • High-end Specs


  • Highly Priced
  • Cameras with low-quality
  • Average battery life
  • Mediocre audio
  • Stylus sold as a separate item
  • The Innate Chrome OS limitations