New FN 502 Semi-Automatic Rifle Available Now!

Are you looking for a reliable, semi-automatic rifle? The FN 502 for sale is a perfect choice. This innovative new rifle features an adjustable stock with recoil pad, making it comfortable to shoot while still providing excellent accuracy and precision. Let’s take a closer look at all the great features that come with this model.

Design and Features of the FN 502 Rifle

The FN 502 is designed to provide shooters with maximum comfort and control. It has an adjustable buttstock that can be adjusted to fit any shooter’s size or preference. The gun also has a dual sling loop system, allowing you to use both single-point and two-point slings for more flexibility and stability when shooting. Additionally, the rifle includes a recoil pad for better shock absorption when shooting. This ensures that your shots are accurate even after multiple rounds have been fired.


The gun also comes with a 20″ cold hammer-forged barrel, which provides superior accuracy and performance in addition to increased durability over other barrels. The barrel comes with a 1:7 twist rate, which means it is capable of firing .223 Remington ammo as well as 5.56 NATO ammo reliably and accurately. The FN 502 also features an ambidextrous safety selector switch that makes it easy to operate the gun no matter what hand you prefer to shoot with.

Performance of the FN 502 Rifle

Once you get your hands on this incredible firearm, you’ll quickly see why it’s such a favorite among gun enthusiasts everywhere. The FN 502 is incredibly reliable; its design ensures that each round will fire without fail every time you pull the trigger. In addition, its cold hammer-forged barrel provides superior accuracy compared to other models in its class; plus, its 1:7 twist rate allows it to fire .223 Remington ammunition as well as 5.56 NATO rounds reliably and accurately for maximum performance out on the range or in competition scenarios. 

Finally, thanks to its adjustable stock, recoil pad, dual sling loop system, and ambidextrous safety selector switch—all standard features on this model—you can customize your experience however you want for complete control during shooting sessions or competitions alike!


If you’re looking for an amazing semi-automatic rifle that offers incredible reliability along with superior accuracy and performance, then look no further than the new FN 502! This innovative rifle has all the features you need, including an adjustable stock with recoil pad for maximum comfort while shooting; plus its cold hammer-forged barrel ensures superior accuracy shot after shot! Get yours today—you won’t be disappointed!