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Reviews of MBBS in China

China has one of the oldest civilizations and cultures that has been there for at least 5,000 years and is still in use now. This culture has influenced the modern period of clinical medicine. The degree awarded to medical students upon completion of their undergraduate curriculum is known as MBBS, or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. International students first had the option to enroll in this MBBS program in China in 2002.

A one-year internship is included in the six-year MBBS program in China. With a curriculum centered in English that has been accepted by international organizations like WHO and UNESCO, as well as universities that have been approved and trusted by other countries’ dental councils including GMDC, PMDC, HPCSA, MCI, and BMDC.

Due to the Chinese government’s collaboration with medical colleges to subsidize costs, MBBS studies in China are comparable to those at the majority of top-tier western medical universities and have one of the lowest costs for tuition and living expenses.

MBBS in China

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Welcome to the Hebei North University of Medicine, located in the northern region of China in the city of Zhangjiakou, where you can study MBBS in a country with so many opportunities. The university’s fee schedule is fairly reasonable and is broken down into separate categories for each student.

The first is the tuition, which remains the same each year. The second is medical insurance, which is paid only once a year when a student enrolls in school and is utilized in the event of any medical problems. When a student wants to renew his or her visa, additional fees must be paid each year in addition to the registration, development, and admission fees that were paid at the beginning of the student’s enrollment in the university for medical study. The application fee and deposit fee are included in the other category of fees. All of the aforementioned costs have precise values, and if you’re curious about the sum, get in touch with us or leave a note.


If you’re seeking for a suitable and suitable place for an MBBS major, China fits the bill. Universities like Hebei North University accept students between the ages of 18 and 25, as long as they have strong test scores and a solid background in the sciences.

The transcript is another requirement that students must meet before they can enroll in a Chinese medical university. The transcript has a minimum passing score of 60 across all topics.

China’s MBBS Requires a Minimum Score China’s MBBS Requires a Minimum Score

After high school or at an advanced level, students frequently apply overseas, in China, for the continuation of the MBBS major. One of the most renowned medical schools in the world that accepts students from other nations is Hebei North University.

A candidate must receive passing marks in all science courses, including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, at the advanced level of study, with grades of “A,” “B,” or “C,” and with a score of zero or less in the “D” category. A single, authentic certificate from your prior school, university, or educational institution must contain all of your test results.

Age Restrictions for MBBS in China

Like any other nation, China has rigorous age requirements for enrolling in various courses. One of the majors in China with age limitations is MBBS, particularly at Hebei North University in the northern Chinese city of Zhangjiakou. At Hebei North University and all other Chinese universities, you must be between the ages of 18 and 25 to study medicine.

For a number of reasons, including the ability of university officials to manage students’ behavior in dormitories both on and off campus, the age restriction is maintained for overseas students.

International Students’ Eligibility for MBBS in China Medical School in China for Foreigners Eligibility

Because China has appropriate medical equipment for treating patients and top-notch hospital services, the medical field has been one of the best operationally. Both domestic and international students can receive an adequate and suitable MBBS education in Chinese universities.

Given that it offers medical training in English, Hebei North University is an example of the greatest and most suitable university for overseas students. The students are also taught Chinese in their first year, though, so they can converse with locals and benefit from their social interactions.

At Hebei North University, international students have the opportunity to form a cohesive leadership group and plan a variety of activities with the help of university staff and a coordinator. Consequently, the aforementioned qualifies the university and MBBS in China for the study and graduation of international students.

Eligibility for MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Eligibility for MBBS in China for Pakistani Students

One of the most popular medical schools among Asian students overall and among Pakistani students as well has been Hebei North University. Due to the university’s excellent care of overseas students, including security and housing in hostels, many Pakistani students have been admitted to study medicine at Hebei since 2009.

It is open to Pakistani students because the university uses English as the primary language of instruction and communication in-class lectures. Many foreign and Pakistani students who have attended the university have gone on to succeed in careers in medicine, from bachelor’s to master’s level.

Since the university in China opened, every student from Pakistan who enrolled to study MBBS there has found professional success, and some of the students from Pakistan go on to become teachers there. One is a second-year teacher, and the other gives lectures to fourth-year pupils.

Eligibility for MBBS in China for Pakistani Students

KNOW MORE AND APPLY NOW Hebei North University is suitable for Pakistani students in a variety of ways, including the fact that they will meet and socialize with other international students there, form a team over time, and collaborate on social and economic issues.

Because the material is consistent and simple to catch up on in class, an MBBS program is appropriate for Pakistani students. The university also has a habit of revising the curriculum each year to keep it current for new foreign students, especially Pakistani students.

The institution has several scholarship programs that are available in various ways, one of which is at the conclusion of each academic year to the students who are committed, perform well in class, and keep up their attendance. Another is provided to students by their home governments (Pakistani or Chinese) in order to lower the cost of their living expenses or tuition payments.


There are various methods that students might utilize to apply to MBBS programs at Chinese universities. Because Hebei North University wants to save the applicant time, there aren’t many procedures for students to go through during the application process. For the application, a candidate could get a form online or in person from an admissions office close by.

  1. Obtain an application for admission from a reputable source or admissions office.
  2. Complete the application with accurate information about yourself.
  3. Retrieve the form as you await the outcomes and admissions letter.
  4. A passport, an original result certificate, and a birth certificate are requirements.
  5. You should get your health checked.

MBBS Study Advice MBBS Study Advice

There isn’t much information about MBBS preparation tips because the student needs to psychologically prepare for the study because there is a lot of information to learn. Students who have been admitted to Hebei North University must travel to China with all the necessary paperwork in order to be allocated to the university.

The applicant must present several important documents, including a passport with a valid Chinese visa, an original school or university certificate with qualifying pass marks (result transcript), an admission letter provided by the university that verifies whether the applicant was admitted or not, and a certificate stating that they have no criminal records.

MBBS Entrance Exam Tips MBBS Entrance Exam Tips

One of the best majors to pursue in China at a school of this level is MBBS at Hebei North University. As a result, the institution requires a few exams of international students before they enroll to study medicine. You should be aware that the majority of Chinese medical universities, including Hebei North, do not require their students to take exams.

Instead, the university looks at your non-criminal history, a full physical examination, other examinations that determine if you have achieved the passing mark needed by the university, and finally, the finance transcript or letter.


The medical education offered by Chinese universities to both domestic and foreign students is very well structured, and many institutions, such as Hebei North University, welcome a large number of international students.

Most students choose China as their country of study since scholarships there are simple to obtain in medical school. Scholarships can be earned in a number of methods, including by improving academic performance or by filling out an official form. There are both full and partial scholarships, and they both function differently.

Hebei North University Scholarship 2023Learn more and submit an application now Hebei North University Scholarship 2023 The majority of the students in the class, from first-year students to those in their final year, have received scholarships from the Hebei North University of Medicine, which is located in the northern region of China and has a large population of international students from various countries around the world.

Every academic year, Hebei North offers a scholarship program, and the majority of the recipients are picked by the class coordinator based on their in-class performance, attendance, and behavior. The government of either their own nation or China, however, offers students various other kinds of scholarships.

China’s MBBS Government-sponsored scholarship

Welcome to Hebei North University, where scholarships are available for every deserving student in order to make tuition and living costs reasonable for all students. The best students who do well in class are given scholarships by the institution, and there are also government scholarships available.

The government offers a full or partial scholarship to MBBS students at Hebei North. The difference between a full scholarship and a half scholarship is that a full scholarship is when the government covers all of the student’s costs, including the tuition fee, while a half scholarship is when the student just pays for housing and board or the tuition fee and nothing else.