Small Business Hosted VoIP

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to learn about cloud hosted VoIP systems. These solutions can help you keep costs down and make your business more productive. They are also easier to manage, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your company rather than having to worry about running a telecommunications system.


One of the leading providers of business phone systems, Mitel offers cloud-based, on-demand communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer a wide range of products and services, and can help you choose the perfect plan to meet your business needs.

Their solutions can be deployed on premise today, or in the cloud tomorrow. These include unified communications, telephony, contact centers, and other critical business applications.

Mitel’s cloud platform is designed to provide a seamless experience to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to delivering a reliable, scalable business phone system, it also provides call center software, voicemail, and other collaboration tools. With this all-in-one package, you can increase your staff’s productivity and drive cost savings.

Hosted VoIP enables companies to easily add new capabilities. It requires a private IP network and broadband. Unlike on-premise systems, hosted VoIP is secure and easy to set up.

With a hosted VoIP solution, you can integrate your existing phone systems, and use the same number of extensions. You can also manage your call queues, and create custom greetings and call sequencing features.


Speakeasy is one of the fastest growing broadband and VoIP providers in the nation. This Seattle-based company offers a full line of voice and data services to small businesses. The company also offers a variety of consulting and design services.

Speakeasy’s nationwide network is designed to deliver unmatched reliability. Its Private Multi-Redundant Network provides the reliability to handle heavy data traffic. When data traffic overruns voice traffic, Speakeasy can prevent call quality degradation.

The Speakeasy Business VoIP solution is ideal for small businesses with multiple locations. Users can access and change their service through an online interface. They can also choose a plan that meets the needs of each individual user.

During the last 12 years, Speakeasy has focused on providing communication services to small businesses. With a wide array of VoIP solutions, the company can help your business to achieve success.

Speakeasy’s Integrated Voice offering is affordable, yet effective. This service allows small businesses to plug into existing systems. For example, the company’s Auto Attendant is used to route incoming calls. In addition, users can make calls from their laptops.

Cloud-hosted VoIP

Whether you are a business owner looking to make a phone call from your home or your office, or a manager who wants to take a conference call on your morning commute, VoIP for small business may be right for you. This technology allows you to save money, scale your business communications, and keep all the important features at your fingertips.

With today’s technological advancements, it is easy to get a VoIP system that provides advanced capabilities. Cloud-based systems allow you to keep your existing phone numbers and make calls from almost any internet-connected device. Plus, you can integrate other unified communication features to create a seamless workflow.

For example, you could use VoIP to connect to your CRM software. This will allow you to have optimal customer support. Or you can make sure your calls reach the right person by using call forwarding.

A cloud-hosted VoIP service is ideal for small businesses because they don’t require on-premises hardware. In addition, they offer a host of advanced communication features and mobile-first technology.


Scalability is one of the most important features to look for when choosing a business phone service. A scalable solution can help a business handle growth, and allow it to move with the changing needs of the company.

VoIP is a cloud-based technology, which means you do not have to invest in expensive equipment to grow. Rather, you can easily add or subtract users and lines from your VoIP system. You can even add more features as your business grows.

In addition to scalability, hosted VoIP systems can also be incredibly reliable and flexible. They offer many different features, from presence tracing and mobile access to CRM integration. These features make it easy for you to connect with coworkers and remote employees.

If you are a small or midsize enterprise, scalability will be important to you. VoIP can support you as you grow, and help you avoid growing pains along the way.

VoIP can also be a great choice for seasonal businesses. For example, if you anticipate a large increase in call volume during the holidays, you can add a toll free number to your account to track the calls.