IELTS Training Course In Dubai With Nlptech Professionals

IELTS Training Course in Dubai

IELTS training Dubai

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores are required by many foreign institutions and immigration authorities as evidence of a candidate’s proficiency in speaking, writing, and conversing in English. The standardized test not only helps people get into foreign universities, but it also opens better job chances for non-native English speakers abroad.

Naturally, their IELTS score determines whether they are accepted into those institutes or places of employment. Fortunately, Dubai is home to numerous organizations that provide IELTS instruction.

It’s crucial to understand that there are two different IELTS examinations available in Dubai depending on your demands before selecting the best course option. In general, persons wishing to immigrate to nations like Canada, Australia, and the UK must take the general IELTS module. Most people wishing to enroll in western institutions and colleges choose the academic IELTS Training Course in Dubai.

Both modules assess a candidate’s proficiency in the four fundamental abilities of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. A ten-point scale is used to evaluate your performance, and you are given grades that show how well you understand English.

Please be aware that IELTS examinations in Dubai are not free. According to the most recent statements from the British Council, starting on December 1, 2019, test prices for IELTS examinations administered on paper will be AED 1,120, and exams administered on computers will cost AED 1,260. Here are a few options for IELTS training in Dubai for those who are interested.

UAE British Council

The British Council is renowned for organizing IELTS exams and is also noted for its IELTS program in Dubai. (Photo courtesy of the British Council UAE)

The British Council is well-known for conducting IELTS exams, but few people are aware of the IELTS preparation courses it offers. For this reason, it is at the top of our list of reputable organizations with IELTS preparation programs in Dubai.

The British Council’s IELTS programs in Dubai are divided into groups based on the IELTS band scores that applicants are aiming for. The courses address a variety of written and verbal tasks and are divided into pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate levels.

For people who want to achieve a Band 5 on the IELTS and have a pre-intermediate level of English, for instance, there is the Developing in IELTS course. The IELTS Advanced course, on the other hand, is intended for students who have an “upper-immediate level of English” and aim for an IELTS Band 7 or 7.5.

English language training facility Express

For IELTS and other English language preparation classes, the Express English Language Training facility in Business Bay uses seasoned native speakers from nations like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Academic and general training are the two training modules that the institute offers, and it places students in either one depending on their objectives. For instance, people who want to apply to universities abroad could be required to do the academic module. Students who apply for permanent residency abroad will also be required to take the IELTS general training module.

The Express Language Training Institute offers a variety of IELTS training, including full courses and private instruction. Currently, comprehensive general training costs AED 1,450. The cost of private IELTS instruction is AED 4,500. Lessons here take place from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week. Additionally, students have access to course materials using laptops, PCs, and mobile devices.

UOWD provides IELTS lessons in Dubai and various training programs for applicants.

The University of Wollongong in Dubai is well-known for its IELTS preparation programs in addition to other academic programs. The institution, which is situated in the Dubai Knowledge Park residential area, provides courses for both academic and general training candidates.

IELTS Preparation (for academic training), an IELTS Booster Course, and Writing Masterclass are presently offered by UOWD. IELTS Preparation is a Lower and Higher Full-Time Program for Academic Training that costs AED 4,900 per term and trains students in the techniques and tactics required to obtain higher IELTS bands on academic IELTS assessments.

One week of the Writing Masterclass costs AED 997.5. Visit the UOWD website for a detailed description of the offered courses and cost.


The Headway Institute is the next location on our list for IELTS training in Dubai because it specializes in TOEFL and IELTS training. In order to help students achieve a high IELTS band for applying to overseas work placements and admittance to international colleges, the training center hires experienced native English-speaking instructors.

The Headway Institute’s tuition is calculated based on the number of students in each group. For instance, the cost for a group session with four to eight participants is AED 55 for a 45-minute academic hour and AED 1320 for a 24-hour academic session.

In Dubai, Nlptech is well-known for their IELTS training programs

Nlptech is another excellent option for IELTS training in Dubai. It is a well-known institution for prep courses, with the IELTS preparation course being one of its most well-liked offerings. Students can choose between group and private sessions based on their individual needs. Classes are held in various batches on weekdays and weekends, with group sessions holding a maximum of 6–7 students.

There are several additional Nlptech locations throughout Dubai. For students who want to hone their talents with one-on-one training, private or “doubt-clearing” sessions are also an option. Students are also given access to the most recent course materials and answer keys so they can study at their own speed.

The educational institute EMCAN

The EMCAN Educational Institute is another contender for the title of finest IELTS training in Dubai. Pre-course evaluations, free practice materials, an individualized learning environment, scored sample tests, and knowledgeable IELTS teachers are just a few advantages of this location’s IELTS course.

The institute can be the perfect choice for people looking to immigrate to or pursue studies in nations where English is the dominant language because it offers both academic and general IELTS classes in Dubai. The hearing and speaking test types are the same for both modules, whereas the reading and writing test types are different.

In collaboration with the British Council, EMCAN runs an IELTS testing and registration center in addition to providing training. Both weekday and weekend classes are offered, and the center also promises a flexible cost schedule. To enroll in IELTS classes at the EMCAN Institute, prospective students should get in touch with one of their Al Nahda, Bur Dubai, Al Qusais, or Deira branches.

IELTS tutoring for individuals

Options Education, an IELTS training facility in Dubai, is developing a practical learning module.

Options Education is a school that provides training in a variety of subjects and serves as an IELTS training facility in Dubai. Its programs are designed around practical learning modules. Free weekly strategy sessions for enrolled students, a clear cost structure, a free orientation that invites accompanying parents, regular meetings with parents, and counseling sessions are just a few advantages of studying at the center.

Depending on individual interests, courses are conducted either in groups or as private sessions here. For instance, lengthy group and one-on-one sessions each consist of 12 sessions and 6 mocks. Visit the Options Education website to explore the session plans.


Depending on the student’s professional or academic goals or visa requirements, the Easy Learn Training Institute, a facility that specializes in corporate training solutions, offers preparation for both academic and general IELTS exams in Dubai.

The major goals of Easy Master’s IELTS training are to help students grasp the structure of the module they have selected, learn techniques for answering questions, efficiently complete each module, and achieve the necessary band on the test.


Students at KLCC can select any training module based on whether they need the necessary IELTS band scores for international work or academic enrollment. KLCC is one of several well-liked locations in Dubai for IELTS training.

For both academic and general IELTS instruction, KLCC offers a Refresher, Regular, and Personal Program in IELTS exam preparation. Programs for refreshers cost AED 500, whereas Regular costs AED 1500. The cost of a personal program is AED 2,500. Please be aware that these fees are also subject to a 5% VAT charge.


The AIMS Institute is a good option for people looking for IELTS training facilities in Dubai that offer intensive sessions. This Dubai IELTS course is offered by a training facility that specializes in OTE instruction and has an exceptional track record of graduating students. They offer a one-month curriculum called the IELTS crash course, which includes academic and general preparation for the standardized English language test. The program, which costs AED 1,200, offers morning and evening classes, professional instructors, and free and enough internet access to learning resources.

Learner’s Point is an IELTS training facility in Dubai that provides instruction in both modules.

Learner’s Point, a provider of corporate learning solutions, is well-known for offering IELTS classes in Dubai. Around 2,500 students in the emirate have benefited from the center’s assistance in improving their IELTS scores, relocating to English-speaking nations, and getting accepted into prestigious international colleges.

The courses here are taught in units covering all crucial IELTS components, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They also provide training in both academic and general modules. IELTS Listening Unit 1 addresses topics such as listening for factual information, following academic explanations, and other topics as examples. IELTS Writing Unit 4 includes a written test to determine if students have a solid understanding of English writing.

Training Institute for a Bright Future

Bright Future, one of the top IELTS training facilities in Dubai recognized by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KDHA), provides IELTS training in Dubai for all four academic and general training modules. Each module has been carefully created to assist students in overcoming obstacles and developing the abilities necessary to get a high IELTS band. For instance, the Reading module teaches students how to quickly scan a text, grasp questions, recognize pertinent material, and comprehend the writer’s arguments and points of view.


Polyskills Institute, the top IELTS training facility in Dubai, offers instruction in all modules.

The Polyskills Institute, a facility with a focus on teacher education and language instruction, provides a comprehensive program that includes all IELTS module content. For instance, the Polyskills Speaking module teaches students how to respond to inquiries on well-known subjects, plan or prepare a speech, explore themes, and other skills.

IELTS instruction at the Polyskills Institute in Dubai now costs AED 1,250 for a 20-hour session. The center offers a free placement test on its website so that interested candidates can apply quickly.

Training Institute Svara

The SVARNA Training Institute completes our list of Dubai IELTS training facilities. IELTS training is one of the several management and training programs offered by the institution. providing modules for both general and academic instruction. Refer to the following details for specifics on price schedules and times:

Remember that lesson availability varies. Some institutions might defer instruction until a certain number of students are enrolled in each batch.

We really hope that our suggestions for reliable training facilities will assist you in locating an IELTS course in Dubai that meets your academic or professional objectives. Are you searching for academic training institutions to support your child’s academic success? You can use our list of tutoring facilities in Dubai. If you reside in the emirate, our recommendations for Abu Dhabi tuition centers will also assist you in finding acceptable academic institutions.