How To Ensure That Girls Continue Their Education


Students worldwide were ask to submit ideas as part of a competition in collaboration with the charity Restless Development. The match was a component of the charity’s Power Up Appeal, which aims to assist girls in Sierra Leone in attending school, obtaining an Best Education, and taking control of their futures. The following are their submissions after being edite.

The victor in the competition for young people aged 16 to 18

I spent most of my childhood in a small camp in the Middle East, which is a society dominated by men. In this society, sexism is accept as the norm, and women and girls are regard as the weaker of the two sexes. As a result, girls constantly need protection, and they are subject to intense social pressure that dictates how they speak, dress, and even walk.

Their aspirations and dreams are stify when raise in a culture that perpetuates the notion that “a girl’s place is in the kitchen.” They are coerce into leaving school at a young age, which has traumatic effects on their futures, contributes to an increase in illiteracy, and makes them less aware of various social issues that target women’s empowerment.

I watched as one friend after another dropped out of the primary school my girls went to because of the social pressure they were under. We were not allow to talk to our male classmates when I move to a high school that accepted students of both genders. Because of this system, we girls were isolate and made to feel like we were in a cocoon.

Western and eastern educational systems

My point of view as a person exposed to both the western and eastern educational systems is that they have significantly impacted my personality. This has resulted in my strong desire to promote education as a significant source of empowerment for women and to enhance the standard of education in my native country.

To begin, a traditional classroom setting should not be the only means of instruction. It should involve organizing workshops within schools to improve knowledge about menstruation, sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence, as well as how to address these issues and prevent them from occurring.

Second, we should establish a social service that allows young women to propose ideas and projects that could benefit their communities, help them become more visible by actively participating in those communities, and improve their abilities to lead and manage others.

Girls should be coaxe out of their comfort zones by being encourage to participate in national sports competitions, having opportunities that are on par with those available to boys, and having an environment that is more welcoming to people of all backgrounds. In addition, many events take place outside the classroom, such as talent shows, where the students can find out what interests them and express themselves about their interests.

The competition for young people aged 13 to 15

The lengthy black and white school photograph my grandmother keeps rolled up in a cardboard tube is the object of my grandmother’s reflection as she looks back on her life. After I have succeeded in recognizing her among the other girls with bobbed hair and freckled faces, she begins pointing out other females, such as Joan, who was sitting to her left and went on to become a nurse, and Ann, who was sitting in the row behind her and went on to become a teacher.

We take a little break and look at the photo of Maureen for a while. My grandma may have been speaking in a matter-of-fact tone, but she is suddenly aware of the gravity of what she has said. What kind of life do you think Maureen would have had if her family could afford the blazer and tie necessary for her to enroll in Grammar School for Girls in Sheffield in 1957?Get live breaking news