Tips to Hire at Scale in a Rapidly Growing Company


As you scale your business and hire more employees, it can be challenging to find good talent. But the best way of getting good people is by building a culture of excellence from the inside out. EY’s Top 100 Trends report examines the creative thinking and innovation happening in organizations across the world today.

If you’re a small startup, finding and hiring talent is one of the most critical parts of your business. Because this is a rapidly growing company, there’s a lot of growth to go around.

The good news is that hiring at scale has never been easier. There are plenty of tools available that make it easier to find candidates and hire them quickly. With these tools, you can find the right candidate and hire them without having to waste time on interviewing or screening resumes.

That said, it’s important to know how to use these tools effectively so that you can get the best employees and minimize the amount of time spent on recruiting and hiring.

You can’t hire fast enough in a rapidly growing company. The pace of growth is exponential and the demand for talent is high.

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As an employee you want to be happy, but what about the company? Do they want to grow at this pace? If not, how do you make sure you are hiring the right people so that your company can continue to grow at its best velocity?

Here are some tips to help with hiring at scale:

  1. Hire people who are passionate about what they do and will work hard to achieve their goals. If a candidate doesn’t have a passion for their job then they won’t be committed to it. This could lead them to lose interest and leave the company sooner than expected. As an employer it’s important that you hire people who are interested in what they do as this will help them succeed more quickly within your company
  2. Take a look at past performance during interviews, also consider references from previous employers or even former employees who may have shared good things about someone who did not work out for them (it is always best practice to check references). If there aren’t any references available then ask candidates if they would be willing to provide references when it