IP Prism Launches Patent Marketplace, Lets You List And Sell Patents Online In Minutes

Lets You List And Sell Patents Online In Minutes

IP Prism is one of the latest companies to enter the patent market, and their Patent Marketplace is a game changer. With this platform, you can list your patents for sale or buy patents online in just minutes. Plus, the Patent Marketplace supports end-to-end patent sales – from listing to closing. So whether you’re looking to start licensing your patents or sell them outright, the Patent Marketplace is a great resource for you.

How IP Prism Works

The Patent Trade Alliance (PTA) and Intellectual Property Management Services, Inc. (IPMOS) today announced the launch of IP Prism, an online marketplace that makes it easy for companies to list and sell patents online in minutes.

“Patents are one of the most important resources businesses have to protect their inventions and intellectual property,” said PTA President and CEO Deborah Daly. “IP Prism provides a fast, easy way for businesses to find, buy and sell patents.”

IP Prism is open to all patent holders and is free to use. In addition to listing patents, users can browse available patents, search by patent number or title, get information about pending patent applications, and more. To list a patent, users must provide some basic information such as the patent number, country of issuance and inventor(s). Patents can be listed in any order.

“With IP Prism,” said IPMOS CEO Lenny Schafer, “businesses will have instant access to a wide range of valuable patented assets.”

How to List a Patent for Sale or Purchase

Welcome to IP Prism, the patent marketplace that offers quick and easy access to patent listings and allows you to sell or purchase patents online in minutes. We offer a simple and user-friendly platform that makes it easy to locate, preview, search and purchase patents from around the world.

Our patented technology platform enables you to identify and list your patents for sale or purchase quickly, easily and conveniently. We offer a variety of listing options, including standard 24/7 posting, rolling 12-month postings, quarterly postings, monthly postings and daily postings. We also offer subscription-based services that give you additional benefits such as extended posting duration and advanced filtering capabilities.

We constantly update our patent listings with the latest available patents from around the world. Our patentedtechnology platform makes it easy for you to find the patent that is perfect for your business needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about our patent marketplace or our listing services. Thank you for considering IP Prism as your source for finding and selling patents online!

How Much Does It Cost to List a Patent on the Patent Marketplace?

The patent marketplace, IP Prism, launched today and offers patent owners the ability to list their patents online for a fee. IP Prism provides a secure platform for patent owners to search for buyers and sellers of patents, manage their listings, and receive notification when someone makes an offer or sells their patent.

To list a patent on the IP Prism marketplace, you will need to complete a few quick steps. First, register with the site by clicking here. After you have registered, go to the Marketplace home page and click on the “List Your Patent” link in the upper left corner. Next, you will need to provide some basic information about your patent such as the title of your invention, number of claims, issuing country, date of issue, etc. Finally, you will be asked to pay a listing fee of $50-$2,000 USD. Once you have paid your fees, your patent will be listed on the IP prism marketplace for buyers and sellers to find!

What Types of Patents Can I List on the Patent Marketplace?

The IP Prism patent marketplace has launched and is now available to all inventors that want to list and sell their patents online. The platform lets you list your patents and receive feedback from other inventors. You can also find buyers for your patents, and even receive payment for your intellectual property rights.

To use the IP Prism patent marketplace, you first need to create an account. Once you have logged in, you will see the patent search bar on the left side of the page. From here, you can enter a keyword or phrase that describes your invention. This will help searchers find your patent listing more easily.

If you have a patent application already filed with the US Intellectual Property Office (USPTO), then you can upload it directly onto the IP Prism patent marketplace. You can also add photos and descriptions of your invention. Once your patent has been uploaded, other inventors can view it and provide feedback. You can then choose to either accept or decline these suggestions.

If you don’t have a USPTO approved application yet. Then you will need to start the process by filling out an Online Patent Application (.pdf). After completing this form, you will be added to a waiting list for an appointment with a USPTO attorney. Who will review and approve your application on behalf of IP prism. Once approved, your patent application will be added to our online repository for other inventors

What are the Benefits of Listing a Patent on the Patent Marketplace?

The patent marketplace IP Prism has just launched and it’s a great way for inventors. Businesses and researchers to list their patents online in minutes. IP Prism is a centralized resource that helps you find potential buyers, negotiate licenses and protect your intellectual property. You can list your patent or patents free of charge and get direct feedback from buyers.

According to IP Prism, listing your patent on the marketplace can be beneficial in a few ways:

It can provide you with leads on potential licensing partners or buyers.

It can help raise awareness of your technology around the world.

It can generate new business opportunities as a result of interest shown by potential buyers.

It can help to protect your intellectual property from being stolen or copied by competitors.

And finally, it can help you monetize your patent by selling it to the highest bidder.


Inc.com is proud to announce the launch of IP Prism. Its online patent marketplace that lets inventors and businesses list and sell patents online in minutes. The marketplace provides a simple, fast, and secure way for companies to find and purchase patents.

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