Checks You May Perform Beforehand to Ensure a Smooth MOT Clearance

MOT Clearance

A vehicle may fail an MOT test for a variety of reasons. A comprehensive range of tests get performed throughout all parts of the vehicle, and a failure in any one of these areas will result in a failure of the entire MOT.

To ensure that your vehicle is in the greatest possible condition while it is being examined, it is a good idea to create a checklist a few weeks before your MOT Test Milton Keynes. Many of the most frequent causes of MOT test failures may get verified at home. In order to avoid problems and improve your chances of passing your MOT, evaluate these in advance.

A pre-MOT checklist should contain the following items: 


All of your lights must function properly. This refers to your number plate light and your headlights, sidelights, indicators, and brake lights. You might need the help of a friend or relative to check the brake lights, or you might back your car up to a wall and look at reflections MOT Test Milton Keynes.


MOT failure can also result from issues like loose light mounting. Therefore, make sure to examine your automobile for any shaky lights.


Your tyres should have at least 1.6mm of tread all the way around and be properly inflated (see your vehicle’s manual for the recommended tyre pressures or use our tyre pressure checker).

The 20p test is a useful tool for determining your tread depth. Bring your car to the closest service sation for a free tyre inspection if you see any unusual wear that could indicate a problem. The most common reason for MOT fails is tyre issues, thus it’s extremely crucial to inspect them beforehand!


Keep an eye out for unusual noises or rattling when your car is running. This could point to an exhaust system issue, which could lead to a failed MOT. Looking for smoke coming from the exhaust is a simple additional test. Diesel engines often emit some smoke when they first start, but excessive smoke might be a sign of trouble.

Similar to the last example, if gasoline or oil is leaking from the exhaust, there is probably an issue further up the chain, such as glow plugs or spark plugs that aren’t correctly warming up or burning the fuel Tyres Milton Keynes.

Wipers and the windscreen

A larger-than-40-mm chip or crack in your windscreen can cause your MOT to fail. A failure will occur if your driver-side wiper gets damaged by anything greater than 10mm in the area it covers on the driver’s side.

It’s critical to inspect the wipers in addition to the windscreen for flaws. Wipers and washers on your car. Your wipers and washers should be in good working order so you can see the road clearly. Prior to your MOT, you will need to take care of any issues with your wipers or washer feed. Make sure the bottle is full since not having a screen wash might result in you failing your MOT.


Verify the functionality of your braking system. When you press the brakes, the car should pull to one side. This indicates an issue that needs more work before your MOT. If your wheels are alloy, you might be able to examine the brake system visually without taking the wheel off. In order to determine whether your brakes need replacing, look for signs of severe brake pad wear or pitted brake discs.

Additionally, be sure to test your handbrake, especially on an uphill, since it must be powerful enough to stop your vehicle.


Your mirrors must be secure, uncracked, and in good condition. Mirror damage can result in an MOT failure, so be sure to get any broken mirrors fixed prior to the test. 

Replacement mirrors for your specific automobile model and makes are frequently available online, however, you should be cautious when purchasing “self-adhesive” models because they quickly lose their adhesion.

Interior Checks

 Make sure that all of your seatbelts are the proper length and functioning properly. The seatbelts should latch if you pull firmly on each one. 

  • Your horn will get tested during the inspection; it is essential that it be audible to other drivers. In case of uncertainty, rapidly test your horn by blowing it.
  • The warning lights on your dashboard will be also tested, so it’s critical to check that they all turn on when you turn on the ignition and turn off before you start driving.
  • Before your test, you should correct any problems or get your automobile serviced if any of the warning lights are still on.

Invest in services

Have your car frequently maintained at your neighborhood service center to keep it in the finest possible condition and pass MOT Test Milton Keynes without issue.