IELTS Training Course in Dubai With Professionals

IELTS Training Course in Dubai

IELTS Practice Materials, Free Study Courses, and Seminars to Help Prepare You for the Exam

NLPTECH can help you get more prepared for your upcoming IELTS examination.

Getting ready for an English exam does not have to be challenging or expensive, which is why the IELTS gives you access to a greater choice of official preparation materials than any other English test provider provides.

Have a look at the official NLPTECH IELTS preparation aids that are provided below:

Help with the IELTS (Reading, Writing & Speaking)

IELTS Help is a service that connects you with IELTS Training Course in Dubai. This is an opportunity for you to receive individual guidance on how to improve your English and your overall performance on the test.

IELTS Webinar Countdown and Preparation

A fast-paced, three-hour online course that is aimed to give you advice and methods that will assist you in preparing for your IELTS exam.

IELTS Tutoring and Instruction

Those who want to get high band scores on the IELTS can participate in a free program that lasts for two hours. It provides you with advanced IELTS advice that teaches you the skills and information you need to achieve your goals on the IELTS exam.

Online seminar for the IELTS Masterclass

A session lasting for a total of 2.5 hours and providing you with the opportunity to engage in live conversation with an IELTS professional without having to move from your current location. To participate, all you need is a gadget that can connect to the internet.

IELTS Master

A thorough online preparation course for the International English Language Testing System exam. When you book your IELTS exam, you will be given Complimentary access to the module of your choice for a period of 30 days.

IELTS Practice Exams Available for Free

Use these free practice tests for the IELTS to get you ready for your exam. Examine your responses and make comparisons to the answers provided in the models. Get them as soon as possible!

IELTS Advantage

An NLPTECH IELTS preparation product that includes over 40 minutes of Don Oliver, an IELTS expert, presenting IELTS test-taking advice.

Get Your Questions Answered by the NLPTECH IELTS Expert Live Steaming

Twice a month, an IELTS question and answer session is broadcast live on Facebook by an expert from NLPTECH. Each session is one hour long. Watch the videos of the sessions to obtain advice from the experts on how to answer the various components of the IELTS test.

IELTS Tips Videos

To assist you in effectively preparing for your IELTS examination, the professionals at NLPTECH have created a number of videos that are both entertaining and informative. Check out the playlist on our channel on YouTube.