Our Royal Dental Instruments In USA

Dental Instruments USA

,Our orthodontic practice has the best dental equipment and dental equipment in the USA. To accommodate patients in the best condition and treat all dental diseases effectively, Dr. Ohana Chpindel has selected for you any dental and orthodontic equipment. From the professional ergonomic dental chair to the modern radio room, from the sterilization machine to the iTero 2 intraoral scanner, from the well-equipped treatment room to the dentist’s equipment based on the latest dental technology, our dental equipment. The company works well, to give each of us adults, teenagers and children the best care.

Dental Radio Instruments

The dental instruments USA of our orthodontic practice is not limited to the dental chair and the classic furniture of the dentist. Among the important components of our dental equipment, our dental radiology room in USA has medical imaging equipment designed for dental radiology.

Therefore, we offer every adult, young or young patient the opportunity to have a panoramic dental X-ray and a teleradiography of the skull taken on site, instead of having to do time to time and an external consultant specializing in medical imaging.

Orthodontic Treatment

Due to the participation of this equipment in our royal event in USA, Our professional team work directly from the X-ray of the patient’s teeth to determine the dental anomaly that he suffers from orthodontic treatment. give it a brief summary. In fact, panoramic dental X-ray and head teleradiography are important other tests to have a complete view of the situation and make an accurate diagnosis, so that the best orthodontic specialists do not use only tools dentist. culture, but include space for dental health images and their practices.

Dental Monitoring Tool

Always bringing the latest in dental equipment and dental instruments in USA, keep you in the future of dental and dental related solutions.

Dental Monitoring is a revolutionary dental tool that allows each patient, for example, to view a photo-realistic simulation of their future treatment, when they come to orthodontic treatment, thanks to the built-in intelligence and calculations Algorithms applied to imaging.

Dental Monitoring Technology

Today Dental monitoring technology has other interesting innovations. From the dental chair of our treatment room in USA, or from the comfort of home, anyone can take a digital photo of their teeth immediately, thanks to the ScanBox installed on their phone with a dedicated mobile app himself to. Much more than a simple dental office equipment, the Dental Monitoring solution centralizes the processing of various 3D images of the patient’s teeth and automatically recognizes the real progress of orthodontic treatment implemented in USA.

A real professional assistance module, this technology helps the orthodontist to follow the treatment of each patient, while putting the patient in his own orthodontic treatment.