How to screen record on iPhone and iPad: It’s easier than you think

If you’re interested in recording you iPhone or iPad screen, the procedure is straightforward, whether you’re getting close to the satisfying end of your favorite Apple Arcade game and you are looking to capture it or you’re trying to guide someone you love to setup their new phone.

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You can still make screenshots and use it’s tools for drawing or note something on your screen however there are occasions where a recorded version that includes audio is the best option. It’s necessary to have iOS 11 or a later update installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but that’s not the only prerequisite.

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Before you are able to begin with the Screen Recorder tool, you’ll be required to integrate the feature’s button into Control Center. Control Center. If you’re using an iOS device, go into Settings, Control Center and Customize Controls, then click the green plus button right next to Screen Recording.



A screen Recorder button will display an indicator of time (here it’s “2”) when it’s been selected, which allows users to access the application or screen you’d like to record.

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Record your screen

After adding the shortcut you’ll begin by opening Control Center. For older iPhones than that of the iPhone X ($289 at Amazon) you can access it by pressing upwards from the lower right corner on the screen. For the latest iPhones you can swipe down from the upper-right edge of your screen.

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Click on the Screen Recording button, which will trigger a countdown within the button, followed by it turning red to signal that it’s time that it’s time to begin recording what’s visible on your screen.

You’ll be able to tell the moment your screen is recorded as there will be a red bar at over your display (on old iPhones) and the clock will be an orange highlight (on more recent iPhones). Press the red bar or button to end recording.


When you press the long-press button, it could choose to enable audio recording, so that you can record your video and narration.


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Add some spice to a recording by using audio

How do you explain to someone the use of the feature or work around the issue that you’re always encountering? Then, switch on the microphone of your phone and record it for the duration of time that a screen recording session is running.

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To switch it on, go to it in the Control Center and long-press on the Screen Recording button. An additional menu should pop on the screen, and there’s an option to turn the mic on in the lower. Press the Microphone Audio button, it will turn red , then select Record Now.


Screen Recording button turns red when it is in use. Screen Recording button turns red as soon as your screen is recorded.

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Okay, I’ve made an audio recording… What now?

When you’ve finished recording after which you’ll be asked whether you’d like to save your video in within the Photos app. Start Photos in the Photos app to browse and edit, crop, and then share the video using messages, email or post it on your preferred social media site.

Apple provided the ability recording your screens using iOS 11 a few years back and iOS 15 brought even more enhancements. We’ll show you how you can improve the quality of the quality of your FaceTime video. Also, learn how to find a burner email account from Apple.

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How to screen record an iPhone

Screen-recording on your iPhone is fairly easy, however you’ll need to do a few things to make it accessible.

Although Apple creates some of the most powerful phones available however, it’s much simpler to access the screen recorder feature for Android phones. We’ve outlined below our step-by step guide that includes instructions on how to setup an easy shortcut through the Control Center to make the process easier the next time you’ll require it.

If you’re looking to record an Facetime session with a beloved one, that moment when you won an event, or create footage to use in your new TikTok and Instagram Reel Here’s the best way to ensure you don’t forget a second.

  1. Go into and then the Control Center menu in Settings

An iPhone with the background of yellow that has a red cross pointed to the position of Command Center settings. Command Center settings

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The first step is to open the Settings application on your iPhone It is located on your home screen. When you’re stumped, look for that gray-colored logo, with the cog If you’ve recently activated your device, it’ll be on the third row to the right of the.

Then, scroll down to the third section of choices and then locate the option called Control Centre.

  1. Include Screen Recording in your Control Center

If you scroll to the group called Included Controls, and then go to the group, titled More Controls, you’ll find one that’s for Screen Recording.

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Click on the green ‘+’ symbol, and it will be moved into the Included Controls center. While there be sure to check out the other tools that you can make shortcuts for, and then add any others you’d like fast and simple access to.

  1. Go towards your Control Center

If you’ve never tried Control Center before, you’re missing out. Control Center before on an iPhone it’s going to be an experience – it’s an extremely useful interface.

Just swipe to the top-right corner on Your iPhone (iOS 12 and later) and you’ll see simple control options for your connection, screen lock the brightness, volume, and lock and any other shortcuts you picked in the earlier step.


Where can I find the screen recording on my iPhone?

When you’ve finished the recording on your screen when you’ve finished, a banner will pop down informing you that the video was stored to your Camera Roll. You can click on the banner, or open manually the Camera Roll application (the white tile that has flowers that are rainbow-colored) to play the video, edit it or share the video.

How can I get a screenshot taken on an iPhone?

How you take a picture of the images on your iPhone will depend on the device you’re working with. Take a look at our guide on the steps to take a picture on an iPhone with the secret technique of back tapping.