Necessary Steps to Be Followed for Developing Web Application

Developing Web Application

A web application is a software program that works with the help of a web browser and web technology. Web applications are very important and beneficial. They are not only cost efficient for the customers but also for the businesses. They also help to decrease software piracy.

Development of Web Applications:

Development of web application is very important and time taking procedure. Web application development includes nine steps. They are explained below by a coursework writing service;

  1. Information gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Designing
  4. Writing
  5. Coding
  6. Testing
  7. Launching
  8. Getting Feedback
  9. Maintaining

This article will help you to y=understand each of above mentioned step in detail

Information Gathering:

For developing a web application first of all you have to gather the relevant information for defining your purpose and goals and knowing who your targeted audiences are. You need to conduct deep research. You can use website development questionnaire to know what you actually want to design. Different type of websites needs different programming and coding. Like a kids, website is different from news portal. This means you have to collect data think and plan differently for different websites. The kind of data you collect definitely impact the future planning and working of a web application development. For instance, if your data was wrong or irrelevant can result in wrong designing or functionality which also wastes the time and you have to starts the things again from step one. For proper information gathering, you generally need one to two weeks.


After data collection, you move towards planning. Planning involves deciding about the usage of resources and scheduling of work. Based on the data and information collected you create a site map of the desired web application for knowing how it will looks like for audience. A site map highlights the connections between different areas of the website. A site map is necessary for knowing the structure of the website.

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At this stage, you shape your website. You create and include the graphic illustrations, visual contents images, and videos. When you are designing the website you need to keep the targeted audience in mind. For example, if you are designing the website for children then you make it more colorful and include more visual content. The designing gives you the layout of the website also known as the graphic design or graphic sketch of the website. A layout represents the information, structure and graphical content and their functionality. Layout also represents the logos and colors that you want to include in your website. When designing is gets completed it is shown to the customer for approval or necessary modifications and amendments. It almost takes four to twelve weeks for creating a good designing of a website.


When the designing of the website is approved by the customer you start writing the content of the website. This content is written in coordination with the customer. It includes the information which you want to show to the audience. The content is provided by the customer. For example, if you are designing the website for a news channel they will provide you with the news that they want to communicate with their audience. It includes headlines, text writing and editing. The most length and time consuming task in content writing is text compiling. For writing the content of a website you need five to fifteen weeks.


After finalizing and writing the content of the website you start creating the website which is called coding. You step by step create all sections of the website. A home page of every website is created first because the home screen includes all other sections. All the graphic elements which were included in designing process are created in actual. The sitemap is used for creating the hierarchy of website. After this interactivity features are also added. For creating site, you install and use CMS plugins. Search engine optimization is also part of coding. Normally you need six to fifteen weeks for coding the website.

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Testing is the main part of every manufacturing or development process. In this step you test your designed website for checking the loops, holes, flaws and errors. You conduct test for checking the validation of codes. The testing process typically takes two to four weeks.


Once testing gets successful you launch your website which means you start uploading it on server. For this purpose you need file transfer protocol software. When uploading is done you conduct he final test. Tis stage usually takes two to four weeks.

Getting Feedback:

Now your website is officially available for the audience to use. Now you will start receiving the feedback. This feedback can be both positive as well as negative.


The feedback you received is used for maintaining the website which means you add more features on demand of audience, remove the problems reported by the audience and keep your website updated.