Top 7 Games Which Must Try to Play on VR Headset

7 Games

The idea of virtual reality has been around for quite a few years, yet, up to this point, even the best VR headsets were not available to buyers from either a cost or usability standpoint. Virtual reality headsets are just good as the experience they offer. Lose yourself in the best action, arcade, search, sports, and simulation VR games for the Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality platforms. Presently, headsets are getting less dependent on external equipment, and developers are developing first-party games that take full advantage of the medium. Below are some astounding options for fans of every genre.



Alyx: Half-Life: Alyx is the first Half-Life game in quite a while, and this first-individual virtual reality shooter game has acquired a great deal of media consideration. This fully-fledged game was built for virtual reality by Valve and features; fantastic material science and illustrations. The player assumes the part of a fan-most-loved character called Alyx Vance. As Alyx, you lead a transformation in City 17, where everybody has figured out how to live under the rules of intruders. Your part during the 11-hour episode will be to take on intruder enemy and combine powers to forestall them from doing a merciless job on earth in City 17. It was built after the achievements of Half-Life games that were not in virtual reality.


This game is available on a host of virtual reality headsets including, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It implies you can play it on PC. Besides being accessible on major and numerous virtual reality gaming platforms and headsets, Half-Life: Alyx features among the best graphic seen in virtual reality, and with the advantage of virtual reality, the player feels like they are directed at the game scene, collaborating with the characters. The player utilizes virtual reality firearms, gravity weapons for battle, gravity gloves to control gravity, and controllers to toss objects, get supplies, and UIs. It is supported by the SteamVR stage library. The gameplay combines artificial intelligence, models are awesome, puzzles are testing, and the game incorporates horror and adventurous experience.


Trover Saves the Universe:

7 Games 2This comedy game is from the group at Squanch Games, which was established by Justin Roiland, the co-maker of Rick and Morty. On account of that reality, this game feels a lot like a Rick and Morty space experience, however, with various characters. Peculiar and colorful stories, silly missions, hilarious voices, universes, and extra-terrestrials societies. It is available since 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, yet it came to Oculus VR headsets in June 2020. It gets around a portion of the interesting development gives that are normal in different games by setting you in a seat that fills in as the game’s UI, and you can handle the primary character, Trover, in a good way as well as transport your seat to various spots in the game.


Star Wars:

Squadrons: With a first-individual view, out of your X-Wing or TIE Fighter cockpit, Star Wars Squadrons is the best in class approach to encounter space battle set in the timeline of the saga’s original trilogy. You can take to the ether in either small scale dogfights or in giant fleet fights where you can fly close by capital ships, securing and attacking them as needed. Your picked fighter, out of a list of renowned Star Wars shuttle, can likewise be modified to make it look and perform more like you need constantly, contingent upon the current mission. In classic Star Wars custom, there is a single-player campaign to enjoy as well, with the Rebels and the Empire both getting their own sides of the story. Yet, if fighting CPU-controlled opponents is not satisfying you, there is likewise an online multiplayer where you can assert your position as a flying pro.


Beat Saber:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Beat Saber is a high-speed action rhythm game, where players demolish color-coded squares to the rhythm of the music siphoning in the background. Additionally, it is extraordinary compared to other VR games to improve your fitness. It is available on Oculus Rift, PS VR, HTC, and Vive. With two motion controllers, you will rapidly pass your hands noticeable all around vertically or horizontally, and in some cases, hold the controllers in a particular situation to gather points. It includes a Highway, same as a game like Guitar Hero.


No Man’s Sky VR:

Investigate and find a virtual universe loaded up with galaxies and planets that are brimming with obscure life structures in No Man’s Sky. This VR game was made and distributed by Hello Games. With the capacity to play with up to 32 players, the No Man’s Sky universe is quite large enough for you and the entirety of your companions. Users can play missions and win tremendous prizes. There are a ton of activities, actions, and things to participate in. You can play the VR form of the game on PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, and on a Windows PC. It provides the option to choose between four modes: normal mode, a creative mode for simpler building, survival mode with expanded difficulty, and permadeath mode.


Iron Man VR:

7 Games 1This first-person shooter combat game is inspired by the comic character Iron Man. The VR version was released for PlayStation VR in July 2020. Created by an American studio known as Camouflaj and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Iron Man supports PlayStation’s VR headset. Players will take part in various battle missions, unlock weapons, and even complete challenge modes outside of the story. The VR version immerses you into a virtual environment where, as Tony Stark, your combat survival relies upon your expertise and capacity to control the Iron Man suit in its HUD and the capacity and skill to kill enemies including, a PC hacker and terrorist known as Ghost. The player interacts with components to deactivate explosives, put out fires, and fix broken things. Players can fly around in VR to battle with enemies. Players can customize the suit. The research points gained after finishing missions can be used to purchase the upgrades for Iron Man armor.


Superhot VR:

Very addictive first-person shooter Superhot has made some amazing progress since its modest beginnings as a browser-based demo in 2013. It capitalizes on 360-degree tracking by having enemies flank you from all sides. Since time moves in slow-motion when you do, Superhot VR benefits from the adaptability of bigger play space. As the troubling increase, you will need every last trace of cover to avoid incoming fire, bullet-time style, while crushing anonymous enemies utilizing firearms, shurikens, and your clenched fists. It is available on Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, and PSVR.