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The difference between wireless charger and wired charger, which is better

In the market, the competition for wireless chargers is intensifying. Are they just a difference in cables compared to traditional wired chargers? Follow the editor to see how it differs from ordinary wired chargers in application.


Difference one, charging method : the wireless charger should first load the iPhone into the charging protective case, then place the protective cover on the induction base, then connect the induction base to the power plug, and then plug the power plug into the power supply.

The second difference is connecting peripherals : iPhone connects peripherals in wireless charging mode, one is to take out the iPhone loaded into the charging case, the other is to connect Mini USB, and finally Mini USB is connected to peripherals. When the iPhone is charging on the power adapter, just remove the USB from the adapter and connect the peripherals. You can also view at currys discount code NHS

The third difference is convenience : when the phone is charging, there is a call coming in but it is not convenient to answer it in some specific scenarios. At this time, the convenience of wireless chargers is reflected. Simply pick up the charging case and move it to wherever the user is convenient to answer calls. If it is a wired charger, you need to unplug the data cable, and you need to plug in the data cable again to connect to charging. At this time, the wireless charger only needs to place the phone on the sensor to charge.

The fourth difference is charging efficiency: under the same charging time, the power of the commonly used wired battery charger is 93% after charging, and the power of the wireless charger is 88%. Obviously, there is still a gap in the charging efficiency of wireless chargers, and there is still room for further improvement in technology.


  • With the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, the mobile phone battery charger factory will have a built-in inductive charging card, which can be directly charged without the need for a protective cover. Coupled with the improvement of charging efficiency, the wireless charger is just around the corner.

What is the difference between GaN chargers and ordinary chargers?

It is understood that GaN (gallium nitride) is a new type of semiconductor material. As the world’s fastest power switch device, gallium nitride has the characteristics of large band gap, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and high hardness. With the development of gallium nitride, gallium nitride is widely used in the field of electronics, and chargers are one of them. Compared with ordinary chargers, in addition to the different materials, is there any difference in other aspects? Today, I will take the RAVPower GaN charger in my hand as an example to see how it differs from ordinary chargers.Buyers also visit at ao discount code NHS

Appearance comparison

The overall size of the RAVPower61W GaN charger is 50*50*32.2mm, and the size of Apple’s original 60W charger is 74*74*29mm. Compared with the GaN charger, the size of the two is only half the size of the Apple charger. The weight of the gallium charger is also relatively light, which is completely small and lightweight

The pins of the PD61W GaN charger can be folded 90 degrees, which is not only convenient for storage but also takes up space. The charger not only uses a frosted shell, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and durable, but also uses high-end environmentally friendly fire-resistant materials, which are fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant. There are also 8 safety protections such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection inside. Compared with ordinary chargers, charging is safer and without hidden dangers.

Performance comparison

The RAVPower GaN charger is a fast charging device with high power and functions, high charging conversion rate and low loss. Compared with ordinary chargers, GaN chargers are more compatible, not only supporting PD3.0 protocol but also QC3.0 protocol, suitable for various laptops, mobile phones, tablets, power banks, game consoles with Type-c interface and other equipment.

related use

Taking the charging of Apple products as an example, it takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes to charge an Apple mobile phone with a gallium nitride charger, and about 2.1 hours to charge a notebook computer. Compared with ordinary chargers, the charging time is greatly improved. efficiency, shortening the charging time. The difference between RAVPower GaN chargers and ordinary chargers is that GaN chargers have the advantages of high power, small size, fast charging and strong compatibility.

What should I do if the charger is lost? How to match the charger for electronic products

There are two ways to get power for electronic products, one using dry batteries, and the other is charging through the power point in your home. There are many electronic products that can obtain electricity by charging. The most common is the mobile phone, there are also some learning machines, game consoles, razors and so on. You can also check at ebay discount code NHS


  1. The electronic products we usually use that can only be used by charging are equipped with chargers when they are purchased. Such chargers are called original chargers. The charger is an independent part, so it is inevitable that it cannot be found or lost.
  2. What if we lost the original charger? Could it be that this electronic product can’t be used? It’s definitely not. If so, the charger will be more expensive than our protagonist product. So we can equip electronic products with chargers in many ways.
  3. If you lose the charger, if you still want to equip the original charger, you can go to the store where you purchased the machine to buy it. If the store does not have it ready, you can entrust the store to pay for it from the manufacturer, which is no problem. In this case, you should pay the merchant first.
  4. If the charger you bought from an electronic manufacturer is lost, you only need to equip it with a charger. It doesn’t matter the brand, you can go to the electronic store and get a random one. These chargers generally only need the same charging port, because there are only a limited number of charging ports. If you don’t want to bring the host, you can take a picture and show it to the merchant for equipment.
  5. If there is no electronic mall, communication city or other markets or wholesale markets and stores near your home, you can buy online, and you can buy everything online. Take a photo to the online store customer service to confirm which port charger you want. It’s easy to solve the problem.
  6. Another is if you know someone nearby who has used this type of electronic product, you can communicate with them. If their host computer is out of date, you can buy a charger or come over to use it. This is also very easy. Check out  144hz Laptop


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