How We Put Strimmers and Grass Trimmers to The Test


We put grass trimmers through their paces on long and short Grass, tough weeds, lawns, and path margins to see how easy they are to use.

Will the grass trimmer clip along the path and lawn edges neatly?

Many gardeners use Grass trimmers to keep their border and path edges clean. Thus, the trimmer must be capable of cutting a horizontal line.

When we cut along the path and boundary boundaries, we consider the following:

How tidy the finish is, how easy it is to direct the grass trimmer in a straight line if you can see the area you’re cutting if you have to stand in an inconvenient position to do this

Path edges are not clipped with all grass trimmers. Large petrol brush cutters, for example, are designed to cut down meadows and weed patches and are far too powerful to cut a clean line gently. However, our tests reveal which models excel at the tasks you require.

Is the grass trimmer capable of cutting through long grass and weeds?

Some grass trimmers are made to cut down areas with both weeds and long grass, like meadows or land that hasn’t been worked. Others have trouble with this job because they need more strength to cut through tough stems and spread trash.

We put all our grass trimmers through rigorous testing on long grass and complex vegetation to see which can handle it.

Our tests are meant to ensure that you can complete this task swiftly and efficiently without frequently breaking the line.

How frequently does the line break, and how easy is it to spool out an extra line?

In our test, we passed the trimmer head 20 times near the edge of a spade.

The line will eventually wear down and break, but some versions spool out the line readily and quickly, while others could be more user-friendly.

We also consider how simple it is to open the trimmer head and add or spool out an additional trimmer line.

All lawn trimmers tested after 2017 were tried this way, and the scores for this part of the exam cannot be compared to those from other years.

Is the grass trimmer heavy and challenging to transport?

Trimmers range in weight from 1.5 kg to over 6 kg. But this usually depends on what kind of trimmer you have and what it’s meant to do.

Our professional users’ rating:

How well balanced each lawn trimmer is, how heavy it feels, whether it’s easy to transport. How much work it takes to cut

Vibration and noise are equally essential when using a lawn trimmer for an extended time, so our experts also evaluate these. We use a decibel meter to assess loudness and a vibration glove to determine how comfortably the trimmer will operate.

Is the battery interchangeable?

Lithium-ion batteries constantly drain and expire over time, and Which? Believes that cordless items should last longer than the batteries that come with them. That’s why we no longer recommend cordless strimmers and trimmers. If spare batteries aren’t available from the manufacturer, no matter how fantastic they are.

Should I purchase it?

Some trimmers are explicitly built to trim the lawn, while others are meant to remove meadow or bramble spots quickly. We test and evaluate which trimmers are best for various occupations.

All trimmers are subjected to the same tests, and we then rank them. By including or eliminating specific duties and weighting others based on importance.

For lawn-edging grass trimmers, for example, we don’t include scores for cutting long grass and weeds, instead focusing on the lawn-edging duty.

Similarly, when evaluating heavy-dut trimmers, we examine how well they cut long. And weeds and how well they cut along a fence line and shorter. But we disregard the markings for edging a lawn and a path.