How To Select A Metal Cash Drawer

A image of Metal Cash Drawer

A Metal Cash Drawer is a device used to process cash and credit card transactions in a retail environment. A traditional mechanical sales register has a console and cash register to get to and from the exchange.

The most important factors to consider when purchasing an Metal Cash Drawer are:


What size Metal Cash Drawer do you need? What generally determines (a) the rest of the POS system hardware, and (b) how much space is available in the POS system? If you are buying a cash drawer for a tablet-based POS, it is generally best to buy one that measures 13″ x 13″ (or smaller) to 16″ x 16″ (recommended maximum) if you standard POS When buying a cash drawer for (rather than a tablet), it is best to buy a large cash drawer that is 16″ x 16″ and larger, but be sure to measure the countertop before buying the cash drawer to make sure it will fit. If you can’t fit a desired-size cash drawer on the counter, consider placing it under the counter if possible. Most cash registers have optional under-counter storage.

Metal Cash Drawer

Make sure your Metal Cash Drawer is a removable (also called “top” or “inside”) cash drawer. Top-drawer cash register manufacturers offer removable drawer pulls for most models. (Note that smaller 10″ x 13″ or smaller cash drawers generally do not have a removable drawer option.) With a removable drawer, you can easily access and store cash when employees change shifts. Also, make sure the cash drawer has an adjustable money drawer; this allows you to customize the tray for optimal use. Most modern cash registers have adjustable slots, but it’s still a good idea to check before you buy.

The Token Holder

Make sure your Metal Cash Drawer has coin/spring slots. A seal clip is more durable than cheap plastic clips. Some cash drawer manufacturers market their cash drawer owners as superior to metal manufacturing, we are surprised they make such a claim!


Try buying silver drawers without the standard “powder coat” paint. Standard powder-coated cash registers have scratches and dents. Most inexpensive laundry cabinets come standard with a powder coating. However, in addition to the Eco range, MS Cash Drawer (the #1 cash drawer manufacturer) offers durable powder coats and colored finishes for different styles of cash drawers

Media Slots

Think of it as a Metal Cash Drawer detector with a media outlet when buying Most cash register models come with or without media. The media slot (as the name suggests) is a slot on the front of the cash drawer where you can insert checks, receipts, etc. without having to open them. Cut the size of the silver drawer and it will have 1 to 3 media channels. For the convenience of the user, we recommend purchasing a cash drawer with a media slot.

Lock work

Not all Metal Cash Drawer locks are created equal, so it’s best to consider the type of lock you need before purchasing. The cash drawer lock can be accessed in 2 to 4 “location” settings:
2 functions: electronic lock and electronic unlock
3 gears: electronic lock, electronic unlock, manual control (normally used).
4 functions: electronic lock, electronic unlock, manual control, unlock
The “triple lock” is the most common type of silver drawer. Remember that if you buy multiple cash registers, you can keep them all as one option. Cash drawers are sold differently by default, so be sure to ask about similar options before purchasing; this is often a special request, and shipment can be delayed up to two weeks.


This relates to section 5 above on media channels. Electronic metal cash registers come in different storage capacities. This is additional storage for receipts, checks, currency rolls, and so on. If you plan to keep a lot of coins or other items in your cash drawer. Be sure to get one that offers more storage. The MS EP-107N2 or MMF Media Plus cassette is the first choice for this requirement.

Bell Called

To call or not to call? In the past, all coffins had bells. This is the first low-tech loss prevention step to pay. Money (the bell rings to warn everyone who hears someone open the cash drawer). Since then, silver boxes with bells have disappeared. That’s because computerized point-of-sale systems keep track of when a sale is incomplete and who did it, and Today’s point-of-sale systems are linked to cameras that take pictures every time the case is opened the register.

Regardless, there is nothing wrong with someone who still wants the old bell. If you want a cash drawer that shocks you every time you open it, we recommend the MS Cash drawer; They offer buzzer options for most cash drawer styles for a nominal fee.

Type of Interaction

The most common type of electronic metal cash drawer is the so-called “printer” cash drawer. This means that the cash drawer will be created by your receipt printer. Your cash register connects to your receipt printer using a special RJ cable (similar to a telephone line). When the mini-ticket printer prints, it sends a signal to the cash register via the RJ cable for ease of operation. So, when buying a cashier, make sure you buy an RJ cable. Some silver sets come standard with cables, while others are optional.

Be sure to purchase the correct RJ cable for your receipt printer. If your receipt printer brand uses the compatible Epson/ESC POS printer language. Make sure you buy the correct Epson RJ cable for your cash drawers like Epson, Bidoon, SNBC, Citizen, and CRS printers. If you have an Ithaca or Star Micronics signal transmitter, get the correct RJ cable for them. Bottom line: There are three different options to make a printer compatible with RJ silver drawer cables: Epson, Star Micronics, and Ithaca. (See the video below to demonstrate the electronic cash drawer connection.)

Another thing to Consider When Buying a Metal Cash Drawer

The electronic Metal Cash Drawer is a smart device. Therefore, they are compatible with most POS system configurations. Heavy silver drawers connote high quality. As with any other product, the more money you pay for the drawer…the better the quality and features. Silver drawers come in the following colors: black, white, and beige. There are many brands and models of silver jewelry on the market today, and many of them are cheap and will wear out over time. It is best to buy silver drawers from one of the best manufacturers of the above-mentioned brands. They manufacture quality products, provide free US back-end technical support, and offer a 1-3 year warranty, depending on the model purchased.

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