Which Brand of Grass Trimmer Should You Get in 2022?

Grass Trimmer

According to our most recent survey, the most prevalent issues with Grass Trimmer differ from one model to the next, regardless of whether you possess a corded electric, cordless electric, or gasoline-powered one.

If your corded Grass Trimmer develops a fault, the malfunctioning line feed is the most likely culprit, with 34% of customers claiming to have experienced this issue at some point. In the case of cordless devices, 17% of customers also reported that the line feed malfunctioned; however, this issue was correlated with the battery being unable to keep its charge. The failure of the engine to turn over was the most prevalent issue with gasoline-powered trimmers.

When looking for a new Grass Trimmer, knowing which brands break down the most often and quickly is essential. Our findings are based on a poll carried out in January 2022. We got answers from 3,227. Which members and the general public to find out what percentage of models didn’t have any problems in the first seven years of ownership. We should have included the brands whose samples needed to be bigger.

The results of our study take into account the fault rates that were reported, the severity of those faults, and the rate at which they occurred. Our recent study also looked at how well the most popular grass trimmer brands, like Bosch, Black & Decker, Flymo, and Stihl, worked. Finally, we determined a customer score for each brand. This will allow you to decide which brands are best for your needs and which ones you should steer clear of.

Comparison of the best and worst brands of grass trimmers

Notes on the table: All test scores are accurate as of July 2022. A poll of people who own grass trimmers were used to compile the information for the customer score. The questions asked about how satisfied they are with a brand and whether or not they would recommend it to a friend—the combined outcomes of results from corded electric, cordless, and gasoline grass trimmers.

Does the following table illustrate that there is a significant gap between the results of our best and worst Which? Tests as well as the responses of our most recent poll of customers.

By reading the reviews written by our specialists before making a purchase, you will be able to ensure that the grass trimmer you end up purchasing is not only simple to operate but also able to cut through a wide variety of grasses and weeds in a time- and labor-saving manner.

The most reputable manufacturers of grass trimmers

The most recent results are summarised in the table below. One thing used to rate brands is how customers feel about them. This shows how likely those customers will recommend the brand to others.

Notes on the table: These results are based on a poll conducted in January 2022 among 3,227 members of Which? And members of the general public who bought their lawnmowers between 2015 and 2021. The fault-free rate was calculated by taking the number of people who didn’t have a problem in the first seven years of ownership.

Common grass-trimmer difficulties

It should come as no surprise that corded, cordless, and gasoline grass trimmers perform pretty differently, as a result of which they experience various issues.

The line feed breaking is a typical issue that arises. But this problem is more of a bother than a disaster and can be fixed immediately. For more information, please look at our in-depth advice written by industry. So professionals on how to stay away from line-feed issues.

The good news is that most of the common problems can be fixed, or at the very least. So they will only lead to the complete failure of your trimmer.

How do we determine which brands are the best and which are the worst

Which possesses a plethora of information on the most popular garden-tool brands in the United Kingdom. Which? Members and members of the general public are surveyed about the garden products they own. Questions range from asking if they would recommend a particular brand to ask. But if they have had any problems with the product. In 2018, 8,881 individuals provided us with information regarding their items. Based on the responses to our survey, conducted every two years. Because we came up with a customer score for each brand.

As a result of our product experience surveys and the rigorous lab tests we have conducted. So we can make a recommendation regarding the best grass trimmer you should purchase.