A Guide to the AWS Professional Certification

AWS Professional

For a good reason, the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is considered one of, if not the most difficult, of any AWS Professional certification exam. This test lasts for three hours and it consists of 75 questions that are both extensive and challenging. To pass this exam, you need in-depth knowledge of AWS’s operation. Here are our top nine tips to help you get the most out of your preparation for the difficult SAP-C02 exam.

You should earn your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification by passing its test.

Before attempting the Solutions Architect Professional exam, you should have already passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. Still, some people find it tempting to skip the AWS Architect Associate exam as well because they believe it may be unnecessary if they plan to do the AWS professional certification. This is because they think the Solutions Architect Professional exam is more difficult than the AWS Architect Associate exam. But on the other hand, it does have a purpose for furthering your professional development and moving forward with your AWS journey.

It is another certificate to add to your collection, and if you are planning to earn as many as possible, why not start with two wins that are easy to get?!

Pick an acceptable subject to focus your studies on.

It is of the utmost importance that you enroll in an appropriate course that can provide you with all you require in a single, convenient bundle to pass the test. Digital Cloud Training has various options for you regarding instructor-led training courses, exam questions, and lab conditions. Check out our highly regarded AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional training courses, which are intended to provide you with all the information you require to succeed on the SA Pro test. You will be in an excellent position to pass the exam confidently. You will access over 19 hours of instructor-led videos, guided hands-on activities, and 150 practice exam questions. In addition, you will be gaining the knowledge necessary to become a Solutions Architect Professional.

Develop an acceptable approach for scaling up your efforts.

To get through the challenging portion of learning all the content required to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam, you will need a strategy of some type. This will be a very individualized plan, but an example of a good plan could look something like this:

  • Schedule the test on a date that is approximately 6-8 weeks in the future from the current date. Having a target date to work toward will assist you in becoming motivated to get the job done.
  • Aim to finish all the study materials for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional hands-on training during the course’s first four to six weeks. Make this your primary emphasis so that you can learn as much as possible during this time.
  • Schedule enough time to complete many practice exams during the last two to four weeks. This helps you evaluate how well-prepared you are for the exam by consolidating. The information you have been learning over the past few weeks.

Experience gained through hands-on lab work should be included.

Putting what you’ve learned into practice and gaining a more comprehensive understanding. How AWS services operate and how to construct applications and solutions. Because in the cloud can be accomplished by participating in as many hands-on practical exercises as is practically practicable. Although there isn’t a valuable component to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam. But at the moment, if you want to work as a Solutions Architect or Cloud Engineer in the real world. So you need to be familiar with how to construct highly reliable solutions using AWS cloud services.

Using Challenge Labs is, without a doubt, the most beneficial resource. These scenario-based hands-on exercises are run in a safe sandbox environment. So preventing you from running up unwanted bills while also allowing. But you to build in the AWS Console and gain real-life cloud skills. In addition, the exercises are designed to help you become more proficient with cloud computing.

Whitepapers from AWS should be read in plenty

Even though you can’t solely rely on whitepapers to help you pass the Solutions Architect Professional exam, they are a treasure trove of learning material and architectural best practices, and they offer great insight into how to build solutions on AWS. In addition, whitepapers provide great insight into how to build solutions on AWS.