What to Look For When Selecting a Desktop Barcode Printer

Desktop Barcode Printer

A desktop barcode printer needs to meet many needs. It must be compact enough to fit in tight spaces, withstand frequent movement, and be able to accommodate large prints, especially for applications such as medical offices or entertainment venues. Finding the right combination for your business needs in a desktop printer can be challenging. We offer the widest range of desktop printers on the market, making your choice simple. Explore the best features our printers offer so you can choose the best desktop printer for your business.

TX Series: High-resolution large-format printing

If you are looking for a printer that can meet your high-resolution label printing needs. Consider the TX Series 4-inch High-Performance Desktop Barcode Printer. It has a print resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi) and a print speed of 8 inches per second (IPS), making it ideal for applications. Examples include product branding, graphic printing, and label printing. The TX series printer has a double-sided wall design that is more durable than other thermal desktop printers on the market. So users can be sure that the choice of printer and LCD will meet their needs.

TC Series: value pioneers with fast, reliable results

If speed is a high demand for a desktop barcode printer, the TC 4-inch series printer may be the right choice. They print at speeds up to 6 pips, making it the best value printer on the market at this price. These durable, reliable, and fast printers deliver the speed needed for a variety of applications including retail, healthcare, warehouse, display, vinyl, and custom applications.

DA series: a wide range of applications

Flexible technology like DA series printers is invaluable to a growing business. These 4-inch printers offer an easy-to-use design to support operations such as product labeling, point of sale, retail, small office needs, and shipping label printing. Users in hospitality and other industries who need to quickly print receipts and labels can also benefit. Dr. With up to 300dpi resolution, up to 6 ips print speed, and a variety of connectivity options, DA Series printers are ready to meet your unique business needs, now and in the future. It also provides a large memory space to support various international fonts, fonts, and images.

TE Series: The most affordable desktop barcode printer

For cost-effective needs, TE’s range of desktop printers can be the best choice. The least expensive of our desktop barcode printers, these 4-inch printers are ready to support applications in healthcare, shipping and logistics, warehousing, goods handling and labeling, and shipping and logistics. With TE Series printers, you can create custom labels for your product designs. You can also do double-sided printing, two-color printing on demand, small label printing, and kiosk applications.

TDP series: strong and reliable

The TDP series of toy car printers are available in 2-inch and 4-inch models with a compact design and high-performance printing engine. The maximum resolution of this printer can reach 300dpi, and the printing speed can reach 7ips. Suitable for intensive use, they can support users in industries such as healthcare (patient identification), retail, and entertainment (wristband and ticket printing).
TDP series printers share the same durable housing design as other printers in our Desktop range, helping them to be stable in various environments. The 2-inch printer has no loose parts, so you don’t have to worry about missing parts and slowing down your work. The 2-inch printer also features an optional LCD screen for easy monitoring of print status. In addition to various connectivity options, both printer sizes support keyboard input in isolated or crash situations.

TTP Series: High Performance at an Affordable Price

Like the TDP series printers, these printers are also available in 2-inch and 4-inch options. They provide free space in confined environments and are suitable for use in medical, retail, office, construction, product, freight, and transportation. TTP series printers have the same high resolution and printing speed as TDP series printers. The 2-inch printer has no moving parts and can print 2D barcodes, detailed text, and small photo labels. Like the TDP series, 2-inch printers may include smaller LCD screens. The 4-inch printer is one of the most durable printers in its class, and having two sizes for a low cost makes it a good choice.

Choosing the Right Desktop Barcode Printer

Each desktop barcode printer offers a unique set of features that make it ideal for a variety of industries and applications. Choosing the right option depends on many factors. Such as how much space you have, the poster size you need, the resolution and speed of printing, and the print size and type of poster you need. For a side-by-side comparison to help you choose the right type, visit the desktop printer’s website.

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