7 Tips to Pass Accounting Exams in 2023

Accounting Exams

Coronavirus has been dominating headlines in the news. We know this is a challenging moment for students studying to pass professional Accounting Exams like ACCA and CIMA.

Many of you are trying to balance studying and working at home, while some are working and need help to maintain a consistent schedule for the course.

In these challenging times, we’d like some suggestions to help you remain focused despite everything going around the globe and pass your ACCA and CIMA tests to keep advancing your career.

Get away from the news headlines and social media

It’s hard to do, but you must put aside the topic of coronavirus every twenty seconds! We’re all guilty. It’s harmful to focus all your attention on the present situation.

Pause and allow yourself some other things to think about. In this instance, it’s your ACCA and CIMA syllabus!

The purpose of your study at this moment is to make it out more prepared than you were when you started.

Furthermore, if it is possible to continue to study and get closer to attaining your certification, better.

Separate your study from home and work

You may have worked at home or done your studies, but it’s a fresh brand experience for most of us.

With every aspect of your daily life being merged under one roof, Keeping a clear distinction between the various tasks you’re working on is essential. For instance, if you worked and then went to the library, only to come home and relax, you’re trying to handle all the above in one location.

It is essential to make sure you can distinguish between different tasks. You could work before taking breaks before moving on to your studies.

If you’re in the same workspace, It’s essential to clean the desk. Then, leave then return to alter the environment a bit.

It’s about convincing your brain that each task is distinct even though they’re within the same space.

Establish an established routine and adhere to it

If you’ve ever used to have a sporadic routine, it’s likely to be everywhere now.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t develop a solid routine today and then alter it in the future, but you’ll still be able to incorporate it to ensure that you have a consistent approach to your study and work.

Incorporate simple things like walking around, working out, and eating a healthy diet, so it’s part of your daily program.

It’s vital now not only to finish your coursework but to keep on top of your game and ensure your overall health to ensure your head is in the right spot.

There’s a sense of comfort in having a routine. It could be time to alter your routine to meet the new circumstances and discover what works best for you and your situation.

Make sure you follow a study plan

This step is in line with having an established routine. It will give you a specific strategy to keep you in the loop.

We’ve created simple study plans that allow you to study and practice every week. Follow these plans as a guide and incorporate them into your daily routine.

If you’re a fan of lists, you can tick things off when you’re through them. There’s always a sense of fulfillment in doing the process!

Concentrate on resilience

We hear about resilience frequently, but it is more critical than before. Having an attitude of resilience is essential to getting your exam.

When faced with the challenges that come your way, you must alter your plans and then bounce back. I’m sure you’ve experienced an occasion when this was essential for your studies and everything else in your daily life. It’s the ultimate test for this.

However, this is a moment to prove your commitment to your studies. You can get the most benefit out of it and remain at the forefront.