i7 Windows laptop 2023 Buyers’ guide

On this page we will be detailing the best i7 Windows laptop models currently on the market in 2023, covering all brands, price points, and use cases. This includes i7 gaming laptops, i7 workstation laptops, i7 Windows laptops for creators, and more general use machines as well.

What is an i7 CPU?

For the uninitiated, i7 refers to a category/product line of CPUs (Central Processing Units aka processors) made by Intel, known as Intel Core i7. There are various different individual i7 CPUs that fall under this product line, with their own individual model names, such as the Intel Core i7-10850H or the Intel Core i7-11750H, What they all have in common is that they are part of the second-highest tier of Intel CPUs in that particular generation. The Intel CPU tier list, in order of least powerful to most powerful, is as follows: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, then i9.

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To learn more, have a quick scan of our Things to consider when buying an i7 Windows laptop section further down this page before making your choice.

Things to consider when buying an i7 Windows laptop

What generation of i7 CPU are you hoping to get?

The i7 CPU product line categorization has existed for years. Every time Intel releases a new generation of processors it always contains some i7 processors. Newer generation i7 processors are invariably more powerful than their older counterparts due to architectural improvements, although performance uplift varies (the i9-1100K was barely better than the i9-10900K on release for instance, although subsequent firmware updates improved it substantially).

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Within each generation there is also a hierarchy of least to most powerful, and the most powerful older gen CPU will still perform better than a middle to low powered CPU of a newer generation, even with their technological improvements. Older generation, but still powerful CPUs therefore can often present good bargains when you’re looking what specs of i7 Windows laptop to buy.

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The The best i7 Windows laptop in 2022

The 17.3-inch Alienware X17 still manages to hit hard in-game and in rendering and other workstation workflows despite its pleasingly thin form factor. Usually a slimline design means compromises in performance, due to voltage and cooling restrictions, however the different GPU options all have nice high TGPs, and there is a good power supply for the CPU. The cooling is also great. The Alienware X15 doesn’t match up in this area, and this is one of several reasons why we’ve gone with this size.

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One can’t deny the added gaming immersion offered by a larger screen, or indeed the advantages in having more screen real estate when doing an editing workflow or the like. For those who may be put off by the larger size of a 17-inch display, the thin design and relative lightness of the X17 (besides the hefty power brick) do make it a lot more manageable to carry around than your typical machine of this size.

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If gaming is what you’re mostly interested in with this machine, we’d recommend going with the 1080p 360Hz option, as this is the only one with a MUX Switch to disable Optimus (vital for ensuring the best performance unless you’re using an external monitor), G-Sync, and also a stated 1ms response time (likely closer to 3ms in reality, which is still great). If you’re interested in workstation usage, you may want to consider the 4K 120Hz option instead, which still has a decent response time and a 120Hz refresh rate for gaming.

Whichever option you go with, the Alienware X17 display has fantastic color replication, contrast, and brightness. All display options cover at least 100% of the sRGB space, making them ideal for color work / graphic design in this space.

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Battery life for general non-gaming usage is respectable, coming in at around 5 hours for the RTX 3070 version, which is about average for a gaming laptop. The mechanical-like keyboard and trackpad are top notch, as long as you don’t mind the lack of numpad, and there is a microSD card slot which is useful for creatives.

The Alienware X17 is not a cheap laptop, but if you’re looking for a truly premium piece of laptop excellence then this is it.

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Final Word

This has been our guide to help you find the best i7 Windows laptop in 2023 for your needs, we hope it has fulfilled its purpose. If you’re particularly interested in gaming laptops, and want to see a list that includes all the CPU types, take a gander at our best gaming laptop page, or alternatively one of our price-guided gaming laptop guides, which you can find in the main menu at the top of this page under Custom Gaming PC > Gaming Laptop.